10 Sustainable Instagram accounts to follow to kickstart your green living journey


By Stephanie Boey

10 Sustainable Instagram accounts to follow to kickstart your green living journey

It’s true, reading the news on the current climate crisis can get a little overwhelming. As individuals, it may seem impossible to enforce change on systems already in place but it’s important to remember that change is possible. Take Greta Thunberg for example, the 17-year old environmental activist that became the face and inspired the climate crisis conversation in 2018. No voice is too small. Use it. If the Malaysian 14th General Election in 2018 has taught us anything, it’s that collective voices are powerful and a single thought can lead to action to promote change.

2020 is the time to act. And as we work towards a more environmentally and socially responsible society, we’ve shortlisted 10 of the best accounts on Instagram to follow as we work to lead greener lifestyles. If you’re looking for inspiration on how to start, hit ‘Follow’ on these Instagram profiles for your daily dose of green wisdom!



The perils of buying secondhand may appear daunting to the first-time shopper but this blogger, wife and mother of three shows the fun side to it all. Sarah Tyau does side-by-side comparisons of her finds as she alters and transforms outdated and ill-fitting pieces into current and fashionable wardrobe staples. Brb, gonna learn how to sew.


You don’t have to be a fashion fan to enjoy this account. Founded by Miroslova Duma, Future Tech Lab works with the most cutting-edge startups in science and technology to lead the transition to a more sustainable future in the apparel industry by providing financial support as well as a space to connect and collaborate. The future is now, hit the ‘Follow’ button for the latest news that combines the worlds of fashion, science and tech.



At almost 34k followers on Instagram, freelance sustainable journalist Alden Wicker’s profile may be private but definitely worth hitting the request button. She divides her time between consulting services to fashion and business brands, and travelling to deepen her understanding of the fashion supply chain. Discover the world with her through the eyes of fashion as she meets artisans and independent clothing makers along her travels.





With a background in user experience design, information architecture and multi-media art, Céline Semaan puts her skills to good use at the MIT Media Lab while being the CEO of The Slow Factory, which fights for circularity and sustainability across all industries. The sustainability and human rights strategist is serious about changing the system and has spoken and lead study halls at the United Nations.





Founder of the sustainability and communications consultancy Eco Age, Livia Firth is passionate activist who’s not afraid to call out major corporations on their setbacks. She’s on the beat with breaking news about fashion across issues pertaining to sustainability and socioeconomic factors, and gives her take on on headlines with her Instagram updates.



Australian author Clare Press has two books under her belt. Published in 2016, Wardrobe Crisis (she also has a podcast under the same name) explores the entire fashion ecosystem from sweatshops to haute couture and was awarded the best book of the year by the Sydney Morning Herald. Her latest is Rise and Resist where she speaks to passionate change-makers around the world and challenges readers to rethink about how we live our lives today for the better of tomorrow.


Don’t be fooled by the Instagram handle, this isn’t a cat meme account. But Singaporean Bella Koh really does love cats, and shares the same commitment to living sustainably. A mother who enjoys to cook, she actively includes organic and sustainable produce into her mouth-watering dishes. Want the recipes? She’ll teach you at The Slow House, which she founded as a “conscious and healing, slow living space”.





We’ll admit that living a zero waste life is not easy. Trust green living influencer, Tara to lead the way with her tips and tricks to grocery shopping while minimising single-use plastics. Her secret? Glass containers, weekend bulk shopping and lots of determination and discipline.



If you’re looking to live a more environmental-friendly lifestyle but no clue where to start, here’s the Instagram account to help. Managing the account is fellow Malaysian, Elena (an economist by profession) who shares small, simple changes you can start at home to a greener living. Hit the ‘Follow’ button on wisdom by the economics wiz and insider info on where to shop for goods in the Klang Valley that practice plastic-free packaging.


After winning the Alliance Bank BizSmart Academy SME Innovation Challenge in 2014, Biji Biji Initiative aren’t slowing down when it comes to building sustainable design concepts, effective waste management and creative upcycling of discarded materials. In conjunction with Earth Hour in March 2019, the team set up an interactive bicycle music amplifier in Genting Sky Avenue, and exhibited their energy playground at the My Balloon Fiesta in Putrajaya. Their latest project? Educating Malaysians about plastics and their alternatives.

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