Style ID: The designer wardrobes of ‘Gossip Girl’ 2.0 is gender-fluid and full of it-bags


By Kelly Lim

Style ID: The designer wardrobes of ‘Gossip Girl’ 2.0 is gender-fluid and full of it-bags

As much as Gossip Girl was about the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite, it was also all about the fashion. From Blair’s headbands to little Jenny’s home-sewn dresses and Chuck Bass’ patchwork silk scarf, the signature styles of every leading character were iconic, unforgettable, and in part why the OG series hit such a level of pop culture phenomenon.

Like Sex And The City in the late ’90s, Gossip Girl had a profound influence on the trends of 2010s and real-life retail. Having your designs worn by either of the female leads were like having them featured in a major fashion publication––items spotted on Serena (Blake Lively) or Blair (Leighton Meester) would often sell out after each episode aired. Even after it ended, the show’s fashion legacy continued to live on through magazine copy, Pinterest boards and archival IG accounts

Nearly ten years later, the reboot has arrived. Its impact on fashion is looking to be just as noteworthy (we had initial doubts) as outfits on the show are already selling out online. And we’re not even mid-season yet. 

Returning as costume designer and stylist, Eric Daman toned down on the sartorialism and turned towards Instagram it-girls for reboot inspiration. As a result, the new class of Constance Billard and St. Jude’s prioritises comfort and prefers gender-fluid silhouettes for their designer wardrobes. From baggy sweaters to statement sneakers and bike shorts, the current generation of Gossip Girl leans towards sports- and streetwear through high-low dressing to create outfits that feel attuned with contemporary times. And on their arms? A wealth of cult it-bags, both old and new, to seal the deal of dress.

Additionally, the range of designers featured on the show is more diverse and youthful than its predecessor, with emerging brands like Bode and Christopher John Rogers seen alongside massive luxury names.