SS16 by numbers

Count us in


By Wei Yeen Loh

SS16 by numbers

32-piece orchestra accompanied Alison Moyet’s performance at Burberry.

32 tons (more than 29,000 kg) of HD screens, 28km of cables (roughly the distance from Mid Valley Megamall to Subang Airport) and 82 delivery trucks were used to transport equipment to the Louis Vuitton show at Fondation Louis Vuitton.

2,000m² of Oasis flowers (2 semi-trucks full), 4km of sawed lawn and 40 tons/400,000 stalks of blue Delphiniums made the structure for Dior’s backdrop.

1 majestic white horse was led by designer Simon Portes Jacquemus along his walk down the aisle during his namesake label’s show.

11 “human backpacks” present at Rick Owens—where women were harnessed upside down onto other women’s bodies to emulate a human knapsack.

360 cubic yards of organic soil were piled up to almost 4 metres in height at 3.1 Phillip Lim.

A whopping 100 looks were presented at Chanel.

20-piece swing band performed upon the first model’s entrance at the 500-seat Ziegfeld theatre where the Marc Jacobs show was held.

1,200 tickets were available to spectators for the Givenchy show, 820 of which were allocated for members of the public.

120 pieces of antiquated houseware from ornate mirrors to baby strollers were salvaged then piled together as the backdrop for Self Portrait’s first spring/summer presentation

30,000 fresh flowers were flown in from Holland, South Africa, California for Kate Spade’s presentation

75,700 litres of water was used to create the lagoon at Tommy Hilfiger’s island-inspired show, along with 14 palm trees from Florida

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