Taking sportswear luxe to a whole new level

Winter tennis


By Wei Yeen Loh

Taking sportswear luxe to a whole new level

If you’ve ever visualized how a collection might look when incorporating structured sportswear, voluminous silhouettes, strong colours and art-deco prints reminiscent of the 70s, sneak a peek at Lacoste A/W 2015 and prepared to be mind-boggled and utterly inspired by the luxe, contemporary vibe the collection exudes.

It’s evident that Creative Director Felipe Oliveira Baptista drew influences from the original heritage that defines Lacoste—tennis chic, casual sophistication, urban androgyny and signature colours of grass green, red and blue. Distinctive contrasting elements exist within each piece: colourblock reversible rain coats over jersey tracksuits, short skirts paired with long coats and knits, and tennis dresses worn under striped blazers. By deconstructing and then reinventing the classics, Baptista experiments with versatility and manages to create something entirely “new world” without disregarding the ethos of Lacoste.

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