6 Reasons why the Hermès Avec Elle exhibition is a must-see


By Joan Kong

6 Reasons why the Hermès Avec Elle exhibition is a must-see

Every year, Hermes will throw a one-of-a-kind event to launch its different collections in different cities, and this year, it’s no different. Putting the spotlight on a cinematic theme this year, the brand transformed the National Art Centre in Tokyo into a film studio, with a story revolving around a woman—the Hermès woman, to be specific. The set-up in the museum alone took over three weeks to complete. Yesterday, we had the privilege to sneak a preview of the presentation that opens to the public today—find out why the Hermès Avec Elle exhibition is a must-visit below:

1.     Fun fact: Did you know that the National Art Center in Tokyo (where the exhibition is held) is the work of the same architect who designed the Kuala Lumpur International Airport and KL Sentral? Kisho Kurokawa was one of the leading Japanese architects in the country, and his architectural legacy lives on until today. The National Art Center—located in the Roppongi Area—is Kurokawa’s last major work before his passing in 2007. The space spans across 45,000 square-metre, and is the largest in Japan.

2.     The whole exhibition is curated by French filmmaker, writer and producer, Laure Flammarion, and produced by Hermès’ artistic director of the women’s universe, Bali Barret, and the artistic director of women’s ready-to-wear, Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski. Based around the brand’s AW18 collection, Flammarion transformed the space into a unique cinematic experience, where the portrait of a woman is being filmed.

3.     The exhibition has seven main rooms. Starting from the theatre where guests get to watch a short narrative, the scene moves on to a tea room, a loft, a flower shop, the seashore, the car park, the rooftop, and lastly, the woman’s home. There are also miscellaneous rooms to complete the story, such as the hair and make-up area, store rooms, the actress’ dressing room and also the producer’s office.




4.     When it comes to creating the perfect experience, you can count on Hermès to go all out. Known actor and actresses—including Yoshida Yoh who was best known for 2013 drama Like Father Like Son—acted in the “making” of the film, alongside hair and makeup artists, videographer and backstage staff who were all part of the crew. It’s fashion and filmmaking combined beautifully and seamlessly into one.




5.     What’s the most important thing about a good film? The storyline, that is. The amazing set is coupled with an equally enthralling plot that captured our full attention throughout. From talking to the woman’s friend and neighbour, to meeting the lover and sister, each person recounted their own memory of the woman—free, independent, mysterious, sensual and passionate—played out in different angles for us to get a better understanding of her.

Watch the short trailer below:


6.     Aside from the actors who are dressed in Hermès, you can also find the Autumn/Winter 2018 collection in the backstage and storage areas which are situated in between different sets. Here, guests can take a closer look at the offerings, from ready-to-wear pieces to accessories. This season, expect a wide range of looks, from edgy calfskin dresses to outdoor-ready blanket coats. Our favourite? The vibrant separates that are peppered with equally joyful prints such as cute heart shapes and eye-catching geometric prints.

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The Hermès Avec Elle exhibition in Tokyo is open to public from the 11th to 30th of July from 10am to 6pm daily (10am to 9pm on Fridays and Saturdays), and closed on Tuesdays. Admission is free of charge, but online reservation is required. For more info, visit the website here

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