Rainbow royalty: Why Queen Elizabeth II is the icon of happy dressing


By Joan Kong

Rainbow royalty: Why Queen Elizabeth II is the icon of happy dressing

Queen Elizabeth II turns 94 today! Having been in the public eye since she was born and having reigned over Great Britain for 68 years, the monarch has made thousands of appearances over the decades including state visits, traditions of states, royal weddings, and more. From her many fit-and-flare midi dresses when she was younger, her eye-catching gowns in the ‘50s through ‘80s (her wedding dress is one of the most iconic in history) ‘til now, while her style has definitely evolved, one thing that remains constant, is her love for the rainbow spectrum in terms of colour choices.

In recent years, Queen Elizabeth II is known to stick to her fashion uniform—a coat dress, matching hat, gloves, a pearl necklace and a brooch, and while the specific design varies, she’s almost never seen without these two accessories—her Anello & Davide shoes and Launer handbag which she’s worn and carried for over 50 years.

Below, a look at her brightest and boldest coloured ensemble from the past year:

Signature monochrome

Queen Elizabeth is known for her signature block coloured ensemble (down to the colour of her brooch and sometimes, even her umbrella), but we appreciate how she always manage to elevate her look with minor details, be it velvet or printed trims, scalloped hems or one of her favourites—Peter Pan collars.

Spicing it up

Although she tends to stick to monochrome looks, once in a while, you’ll find her incorporating a splash of prints into her get-up by wearing a printed dress under her coat. We especially love the pairings in contrasting colours—canary yellow and sky blue, or orange and teal—that radiate modernity.

Anything but plain

When she pares down and opt for muted colours, instead of keeping to the same tone from head-to-toe, she plays with details to give her outfits an equally eye-catching finish, whether it’s with embroidery, a different choice of fabric (i.e. tweed), or prints that will still allow the crowd to spot her from a mile away.

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