6 Popular homegrown designers you should follow for fashion inspo

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By Low Sue Mae

Image credits: @evanyap__/ Instagram, @cyiichengg/ Instagram, @kittieyiyi/ Instagram
6 Popular homegrown designers you should follow for fashion inspo

You may be familiar with the local brands in our fashion industry that warrant your attention with their distinctive styles and groundbreaking designs. However, have you ever wondered about the creative masterminds behind them? Here, we’re spotlighting the makers of the brands—the innovators crafting those masterpieces while finessing their own unique style on social media and in real life. 

These fashion designers are also style influencers, showing you what the real future of fashion in Malaysia looks like by flaunting their individualistic sense of dressing. Without further ado, let’s look at some of the local figures that should be on your Instagram feed right now.


Kittie Yiyi


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Offering the perfect mix of street style, a hint of goth and a whole lot of dopamine dressing, Kittie Yiyi truly embodies whimsical fashion. Known for her quirky and eccentric brand, she started out as a fashion designer, marked by her debut collection at KLFW 2014. Her cool yet cute charisma, alongside her vibrant style, quickly captured the attention of Malaysians, propelling her into the successful fashion influencer that she is today. Beyond fashion, the designer and influencer has also started Kittie Yiyi Beauty, which launched in November 2021. 


Cyii Cheng


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The epitome of Gen Z cool girl, Cyii Cheng is the perfect combo of beauty, brains and style. She flaunts her edgy persona by seamlessly switching between a wide range of aesthetics from subversive to Y2K, indie and more—she’s a true chameleon. Beyond her role as an influencer, Cheng is also a model and the co-founder of Ghostboy. If you’re seeking creative ways to style your hair and outfits, or even how you can update your existing wardrobe pieces, definitely look to her for some inspiration.




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This multifaceted jewellery designer is also a DJ and a total goth queen. Besides creating her own jewellery brand stw.stw.stw, Suhsi oozes charisma with her distinctive hairstyle and alluring bold outfits, each tinged with a mix of subversive styling. If you’re a fan of gothic fashion, she’s a young style afficianado who will turn you into a fan once you see her stunning ‘fits.


Evan Yap


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Embodying gender-fluid style, Evan Yap is a model, creative and founder of up-and-coming accessory brand Wearmasquad. While his exquisite accessories captivate the hearts of the youth, both locally and internationally, his personal style and Instagram feed are also immaculate and on-point. For those seeking tips on how to layer on pieces to create a spectacular outfit, Evan is your go-to guru.


Daren Yeap


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Besides being the founder of local sensation Ugly Pretty, Daren explores an array of styles and mixes different textiles with his ensembles, paired with funky hairdos that serve as the finishing touch to his bold looks. If you’re looking to take more styling risks, here’s the guy to learn from.


Tun Way


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A true trailblazer for fans of the local hip-hop scene, Tun Way is a street-style influencer-turned-fashion designer. He established his brand Futurmade Sutido (FTMD), which was fuelled by his love for the genre. He gained popularity for his innate knack to effortlessly nail styling when it comes to all things streetwear and further solidified his prowess through the fame of his brand, which is well-loved even among overseas street style enthusiasts. 


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