Miu Miu and Moschino’s holiday capsule collections are made for animal lovers


By Joan Kong

Miu Miu and Moschino’s holiday capsule collections are made for animal lovers

It’s T-minus 8 days ’til Christmas, and if you’ve yet to get your gifts sorted, here are some suggestions on what to buy for that family member or friend of yours who is an absolute animal lover, or who has a soft spot for all things cute. For the holidays, Miu Miu and Moschino have both launched capsule collections featuring their mascots, and these adorable creatures have definitely captured our attention (and our hearts).


Miu Pussycat

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From ready-to-wear to accessories, cats have long been associated with Miu Miu’s heritage, and now, the brand has launched a series of Shetland wool sweaters featuring more cute felines, just in time for the holidays. But trust us when we say they’re not just any cats—they’re some of the most popular characters in animation, which make the collection extra special. Spot Marie from Disney’s The Aristocats; Dinah, who is Alice’s beloved kitten from Alice in the Wonderland; and Snowball II, who replaced The Simpsons’ first family pet, Snowball, on the cosy knits. These cute yet mischievous characters symbolise the multi-faceted nature of the Miu Miu girl, modelled by actress and longtime collaborator, Elle Fanning. Instead of muted hues, take your pick from the purple, yellow or green shades available—they’re the purr-fect addition to your festive look.


Moschino Teddy

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Think of Moschino and the brand’s Teddy Bear comes to mind, so of course, a holiday collection won’t be complete without it. For this special time of the year, creative director Jeremy Scott has launched a nine-piece limited edition line that aims to fill you with joy. Named the Teddy Holiday line, although the looks are mostly in black and white, the mascot is adorned with a special accessory—strings of Christmas tree lights—to amp up the festive feel. Regardless whether it’s the notice-me T-shirts and sweaters to the smaller accessories such as an iPhone case, we love how each piece radiate that festive spirit without being overly “Christmassy”—they still can be worn for the rest of the year. The collection is now available in its Pavilion KL boutique—what are you waiting for?

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