Rimowa introduces Kim Jones, LeBron James, and Yuja Wang in its latest global campaign


By Joan Kong

Rimowa introduces Kim Jones, LeBron James, and Yuja Wang in its latest global campaign

One year after Rimowa launched its first Never Still campaign (featuring Virgil Abloh, Roger Federer and more) in conjunction with the brand’s 120th anniversary, the brand is back again with its second expansion. And this round, the names are not any less exciting. According to a statement released by the brand, Rimowa’s CEO Alexandre Arnault says that the Never Still project “is not a concept that loses steam after one campaign—it’s an idea on which to build. As a brand dedicated to the heritage of consumer-focused craftsmanship, longevity, and innovation, Rimowa is committed to participating in the conversation by adding meaningful cultural context to our products. Together with this group of diverse global icons, we continue to open up a conversation beyond travel to explore what it means and takes to move forward.”

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The global icons Arnault mentioned this year include Dior Men’s artistic director, Kim Jones; basketball legend LeBron James; and Chinese pianist prodigy Yuja Wang who are some of the biggest names in their respective industries. Like last year, the films and images revolve around the travelling concept, but what’s different this round, is the additional focus on the challenges of being on the road, both physically and metaphorically. Kim Jones’ film, in particular, features scenes from Japan and India, and he talks about how he’s always on the lookout for anything interesting on his travels. “If inspiration can come from anywhere, then I want to go everywhere,” says the designer. LeBron James and Yuja Wang’s videos will be released at a later date this month, but both features will give viewers a better insight into their careers as a basketball player and classical music pianist respectively.

Watch the Never Still 2 campaign featuring Kim Jones below:

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