J. Cole goes ‘Off the Grid’ with Bally

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By Buro247

J. Cole goes ‘Off the Grid’ with Bally

Bally, the Swiss luxury shoe and accessories brand collaborates with world-renowned artist J. Cole to present an exclusive pair of hiking boots and a water-resistant backpack. From cityscapes to the terrains of Jamaica’s Blue Mountains, Bally revives its ‘Reindeer-Himalaya’ boots, which were worn by Sherpa Tenzing Norgay who conquered Mount Everest back in 1953, making it suitable for our millennium whilst still preserving its exceptional design and comfort. Inspired by the notion of ‘Urban Explorer’, the collection will be available in various colours and materials ranging from calf leather to exotic python.

“I always had an interest in what goes into designing footwear. Fortunately, the opportunity presented itself and I got the chance to work with such a well-respected brand with a long history of making productS of the highest quality. When I learned more about the company’s past and was able to see their archives of boots going back over 100 years, it excited me even more” – J. Cole

To celebrate the collaboration, a cocktail party was held on August 5th 2015 with a premiere screening of the short film Off the Grid. Produced by BBGUN, the film follows J. Cole on his journey to Jamaica where he escapes from his connected city life to find music inspiration and connect with his surroundings.

Watch the video here:

Off the grid: J. Cole for Bally from Buro 24/7 Malaysia on Vimeo.

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