Honour your mom this Mother’s Day with sparkling gifts from Swarovski

She deserves it


By Buro247

Honour your mom this Mother’s Day with sparkling gifts from Swarovski

Whether seeking comfort, some TLC or words of affirmation, there’s no one better to turn to than our moms. Like they say, mothers know best – who better to share our ups and downs with? Celebrating the woman of our hearts, Swarovski’s Mother’s Day collection offers varied styles, from ultra-modern monochrome designs to feminine, yet stylish floral motifs, there’s something for every mom.

An eye-catching look from this collection is the floral-inspired Latisha. Highlighting white Swarovski crystals on one side and black crystals on the reverse, the Latisha bracelet and necklace is all about adaptability, complementing different characteristics of every individual who wears these pieces. Adopting the asymmetrical earring trend is the pearl embellishment that can be worn mismatched with removable ear jackets.

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For the moms who prefer to wear her piece with a more delicate touch, the Sparkling Dance family has what you are looking for, with the inventive ‘Dancing Crystal’ that reflects the light with the swiftest of movements. Simple yet exquisite in detail, the pieces from the this collection can be easily paired with your day-to-day attire, adding a touch of chic to your style. 

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Swarovski’s Mother’s Day campaign features real-life mother and child personalities including social media influencer, Chiara Ferragni and her mother Marina Di Guardo, American model Devon Aoki and her three children, as well as model, Oluchi Onweagba and her son. Elon Musk’s mother, model Maye Musk, also appears alongside Swarovski brand ambassador, Karlie Kloss, in this campaign.

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