Donate your old clothes to Guess and Raffles KL fashion students will remake them into new ready-to-wear pieces


By Stephanie Boey

Donate your old clothes to Guess and Raffles KL fashion students will remake them into new ready-to-wear pieces

Fashion sustainability isn’t a trend or a moment — it’s a movement. And at 2019, it’s time to pick up the pace. Guess aims to do their part by collaborating with Kloth Cares to a launch a wardrobe recycling program in the Klang Valley. Kloth Cares is an extension of Kloth’s brand that represents movement for textile recycling in Malaysia and strives to uphold their motto of “Keeping Fabrics Out of the Landfills”. You may have already seen their hot pink bins scattered around the Klang Valley, inviting Malaysians to donate their unwanted clothes, shoes, handbags, belts and even soft toys. Once collected, the team separates the items into reusable and non-reusable piles, the latter to be repurposed into industrial cleaning cloths or blended with other materials to produce engineered fuel for cement kilns.

“Kloth Cares is committed to promote, walk the talk to crystallise textile recycling in Malaysia with GUESS Sustainability,” says Nik Suzila, Kloth Malaysia Co-Founder. “We believe that keeping textile waste out of the landfills and giving it a new life is crucial as Malaysian landfills are bloated with waste that can give higher value, if given a chance to be upcycled.”

Do you have a pile of tattered old clothes that can no longer be worn? Give them a new lease on life! The first batch of clothing collected will be handed to final year fashion students of Raffles Kuala Lumpur where they will reuse, recycle and remake it into new fashion pieces, and the top 10 will be showcased in June 2019.

“Some of the innovations and opportunities may lead to a crisis in Global Fashion Industry. Textile waste is one of the serious crises and it has negative impact on our ecosystem. Hence, we want our fashion design students to learn how to overcome this crisis as well as the challenges it presents. This project will help them understand on how to adapt their design technique to be sustainable designers.” says Ersel Orge, Raffles Senior Fashion Lecturer.

From now until 30 April 2019, Kloth Cares bins will be available at Guess Pavilion, KLCC, The Gardens Mall, 1 Utama, Sunway Pyramid, 101 City Mall, Setia City Mall and Aeon Bukit Tinggi.

For more information on Guess and its efforts on sustainability, click here.

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