Gucci unveils its new sustainability platform, Gucci Equilibrium


By Joan Kong

Gucci unveils its new sustainability platform, Gucci Equilibrium

In an attempt to pledge its commitment to sustainability, Gucci has launched a new platform called the Gucci Equilibrium, which is created to connect people, planet and purpose. The portal—showcasing ideas and insights behind environmental changes—is part of the brand’s 10-year plan to “embed a comprehensive sustainability strategy into and around the brand”. Anchored on three pillars which are people, environment and new sustainable innovations, some of its targets include setting a target to guarantee the traceability of 95% of raw materials; continuing its commitment to overturning gender inequality; and developing new innovative techniques to improve efficiency.





In an official statement by the brand, President and CEO Marco Bizzarri said, ” Gucci is not a company where you must leave your values at the door, but one where they are enhanced, challenged and amplified. Gucci Equilibrium is about us spreading that energy and that positive intent to everyone who loves our brand. These are critical times when we can all play our part in helping to deliver on the UN Global Goals and the Paris Climate Agreement. The only way to do that is by bringing people together, sharing ideas, innovation and experiences. This is the objective we have set for Gucci Equilibrium.”


Check out the Gucci Equilibrium website for more info.

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