Gucci’s new deity

Dionysus rules


By Buro247

Gucci’s new deity

He was the god of the grape harvest, of fertility and ritual madness. Born to a mortal woman, Semele, who demanded that the father of her child—the god of sky and thunder and the ruler of the Olympians, Zeus—reveal himself to her, Dionysus was known as the “twice-born”. As mortals were unable to look upon an undisguised god without perishing, Semele was killed before giving birth to Dionysus, and the godly father sewed his son into his thigh until he was ready to be born.

A brand new bag heralds a brand new start for Gucci

Perhaps this was the intention of Gucci’s newly appointed Creative Director, Alessandro Michele, in the naming of the first bag to hold his own signature: the notion of  resurrection and a new life. And for the eventual development of the brand to lead to plentiful harvest and fertile grounds. If the Dionysus is anything to go by, then we’re certain of the promise Gucci’s bright new future.

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