Furla travels through nine decades of music for its 90th anniversary

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By Wei Yeen Loh

Furla travels through nine decades of music for its 90th anniversary

Italian accessories brand Furla has plenty of reason to do a jig this year. In conjunction with its 90th anniversary, the label has created a capsule collection of nine different ‘MyPlayFurla’ flaps (for nine decades) for its iconic Metropolis bag silhouette. This lineup takes inspiration from notable music genres from each decade since the 1920s to the 2000s, culminating in an incredibly detail-oriented yet stylish collection that is keepsake-worthy.


Each bag flap represents the key musical elements from the decade it’s inspired by. The Charleston era (1920s) flap had Art Déco references, while the ’30s interpreted the Jazz Age with a glamourous tortoiseshell PVC flap with ivory mink fur. The inimitable mark that Swing had on the Forties was distinguished with a leather ruffled flap in a petal and ruby check (and a flirty bow as well), while the age of rock’n’roll celebrated jukebox lights with a flap of pink, turquoise and onyx—along with a dash of iridescence.

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The swinging Sixties combined vinyl LPs and the Union Jack flag in one, while the use of glitter fabric and mirrored discs for the age of the disco revolution is a no-brainer. The ’80s was all about punk and the new wave—perfectly complemented by the heart-shaped flat with safety pins, studs and a denim tongue. The age of hip-hop came around shortly after that, immortalised by a suede flap with an onyx and orange rubberised strip. The decade-traversing ends with the sci-fi inspired era of the 2000s, topped off with a silver flap with screw-shaped rivets and rhinestones that make up a robot’s face.

“We had a journey across the different decades seen through a lens of music which is an important part of my life, it’s a life companion. Recognised by everyone in the world, music is an international and a very inspiring language,” – Fabio Fuzi, creative director of furla

Furla has been celebrating plenty of milestones as of late. A recent trip to the label’s atelier in Florence shed light on the astounding number of bags the brand actually produces every year (1.7 million!); while it grew 24.5% in annual turnover as of March 2017. When queried on what contributes to Furla’s appeal to the current consumer, Fuzi highlights the importance of contemporary designs. “An example would be the Metropolis collection that has become a great success—the design is very original and relevant to the fashion scene now. At the same time, we make sure that the quality of our products has to be the priority. I believe this is what people are looking for these days from fashion: creativity, quality and a good value for money.”


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