Tutorial: How to care for your favourite fashion pieces using tools you can find at home


By Stephanie Boey

Tutorial: How to care for your favourite fashion pieces using tools you can find at home

Seeing that we’re in full force of the mandated movement control, why not make the most out of it by doing a few quick chores? The Marie Kondo effect went into full force after her tidying up series hit Netflix (Haven’t watched it yet? Here’s our cheat sheet!) People all over the world decluttered and cleared their wardrobes with Kondo’s simple but effective technique—asking yourself whether each item ‘sparked joy’. Physically visualising the mass of clothes that made the cut (and didn’t) really puts things into perspective. Out of all the clothes that you own, you find that you already have your favourites, and can pretty much do with just these handful bests.

The basis behind Marie Kondo’s ‘Konmari’ method is to do more with less. Protecting your favourite fashion pieces goes a long way in extending its lifespan and keeping new and unnecessary purchases at bay. Below are a few helpful tips to preserve your favourite items using tools you can already find at home.

#1 Get rid of pesky pillings with a razor and a lint rollerYou can use this method on almost any fabric such as wool, cotton, denim etc. Be careful with the razor as you’re shaving off the pills (you only need a little force) to avoid unwanted rips.

#2 Protect costume jewellery with nail polishWe love costume jewellery for its affordability but naturally, with its price point comes a trade-off. Avoid discolouration and tarnishing with a thin layer of clear nail polish.

#3 Rescue scuffed suede with an emery boardDon’t panic! You can salvage the material by using gentle strokes with an emery board. Tip: Brush it against the direction of the scuff.

#4 Make leather shine with petroleum jellyWith constant use, leather can lose its shiny lustre. Carefully smear petroleum jelly and polish off with a cloth for an instant shine.

#5 Buff patent leather with glass cleanerThe environment isn’t very kind to its shiny exterior. Dust settles on it and its crevices for a dull outlook. For a quick pick-me-up, spritz glass cleaner on its surface and gently wipe away the dirt.

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