6 Fashion hacks for those who sweat too much


By Joan Kong

6 Fashion hacks for those who sweat too much

Don’t get us wrong—we love our country, but we’ll always have a love-hate relationship with the weather, regardless whether it’s rainy season or when it’s hot and humid outside. When it comes to the latter, for those of you who just happen to sweat excessively, it can be bothersome and uncomfortable when you’re out and about. Thankfully, there are tips and tricks to keep the sweating (and unsightly stains) at bay.

Below, six fashion hacks for those who sweat too much:

Invest in an undershirt


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Granted, the last thing you’d want to do is to wear another layer and create unnecessary heat, but an undershirt that’s designed to save you from embarassing sweat patches and yellow stains? Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it.

Canadian intimate apparel brand Knix is known for its functional underwear, which includes Thigh Saver (that stops inner-thigh chaffing and rubbing) and leak-proof period panties, but its best-selling Don’t Sweat It T-shirt (that comes with a built-in underarm pad) is the one you should go for. Some of the other popular brands include Numi and Thompson Tees.

Give sweat pads a try

If you’re not keen on donning another layer (and if deodorant just doesn’t cut it anymore), underarm sweat patches (also known as armpit pads) might just be the hack you should try next. Essentially cotton pads for your pits (that look similar to a pantyliner), the absorbant material will soak up your underarm sweat and prevent unsightly pit stains! There are currently a few types in the market, but the two most common ones are those that stick directly to your skin and those that adhere to your clothing.

Don darker neutrals


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Do you know that yellow armpit stains are caused by a mixture of minerals in your sweat and the chemical ingredients in deodorant? While there are many other ways to prevent them, the easiest way to hide staining is to stick to darker, neutral hues such as navy or black when you know you’ll be out and about.

Utilise cutouts and armholes


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This is a no-brainer. Tops with a wider armhole let your pits breathe better, and the airflow can help to cool you down too. A trend to try? Padded muscle T-shirts that are hot right now.

Alternatively, pieces with cropped lengths or cut-outs could also help with the problem. Since it’s hot and humid all year-round in Malaysia, summer dressing is the way to go.

Wear natural fibres


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