Ex-Colette team introduces new Parisian concept store, Nous

Colette 2.0?


By Joan Kong

Ex-Colette team introduces new Parisian concept store, Nous

Colette fans, rejoice! The fashion world has been in mourning since the surprising demise of the concept store, but when one door closes, another opens—literally. A few of its former senior employees such as Marvin Dein (the head of sneaker department) and Sébastian Chapelle (the former head of tech and watches) have kickstarted a new concept store called “Nous”, which translates to “We” in French, and it has been opened since January 8. According to WWD, the new boutique is “financed by an anonymous European backer”, who is rumoured to be a loyal Colette customer. Located on Rue Cambon, although the menswear-oriented store will mainly be focusing on high-tech and streetwear, many pieces will fall under the unisex bracket, so ladies, fret not.




While Nous has been referred as Colette 2.0 by many, Marvin Dein insisted that “This is not Colette 2.0. It’s simply two people who worked there through to the end, because we were happy there, who learned a lot on the job, and who met a lot of people, brands and salespeople who trust us to continue the story that we shared in a new boutique”.


The 150-square-meter Nous store is located at 48 Rue Cambon, 75001 Paris.

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