‘Emily in Paris’: Lily Collins’s best to worst looks, ranked


By Buro247

‘Emily in Paris’: Lily Collins’s best to worst looks, ranked

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably heard about (or watched) the latest series that has been buzzing on the internet—Emily in Paris. Starring Lily Collins, the Netflix comedy-drama—created by Darren Star and styled by Patricia Field of the iconic Sex and the City series—depicts a driven 20-something marketing executive from Chicago who moves to Paris to provide an “American perspective” to a French marketing firm.

Regardless of how you feel about the show (which has completely divided the internet), one thing we can all agree on is Lily Collins’s eye-catching fashion moments—both good and bad.

Below, we ranked all of Lily Collins’s outfits in Emily in Paris:

The good


This may be an unpopular opinion, but this is our favourite look of hers this season! The combination of prints (the checks on her tweed jacket, the Dior Oblique-print on her newsboy cap, and the houndstooth motif on her co-ords) is something we can totes get behind.

Shop the Dior newsboy cap in black here


Although WWD called the matching print on her bucket hat and skirt a “fashion victim move”, we think it’s one of her most polished outfits—the tonal dressing was done tastefully.

Shop the Staud bag in beige here.


Lovin’ the mod flair on this outfit. Très bien!

Shop the Giuseppe Zanotti boots in silver here.


The red beret may be a cliché (a word you’ll be seeing a lot in this story) choice, but we’re not mad about it!

Shop the Veronica Beard shorts here.


We know Emily is into colour (and print)-coordinating, but this ensemble exudes a sense of ease—a quality we struggle to find in a lot of her outfits. We wish she would’ve worn more of this silhouette in the series!

Shop the Ganni silk skirt in leopard-print here.


The co-ords are an edgier and more contemporary addition to her closet, and we’re all for it.


This fan-favourite ensemble is our top pick too. The embellished hair accessory is a trend we’d gladly try for the upcoming festive season.


This outfit may be ringarde in Pierre Cadault’s eyes, but it’s a chic fashion moment we’ve all been yearning for.

Shop the Alice + Olivia leather jacket here.


Not a fan of the bag choice, but we like the juxtaposition of the street-cool Hood By Air parka and the Dolce & Gabbana floral dress. The hot pink pumps (a favourite of hers) were a nice touch.

Shop the Dolce & Gabbana dress in laceleaf print here.


A Gossip Girl fashion moment we can appreciate.

Shop the Burberry bucket hat in logo print here.


A Victorian ruffled shirt and a cropped blazer may seem a little excessive for brunch, but Emily managed to pull it off pretty well.

Shop a similar cropped blazer from Nina Ricci here.

The ‘meh’


The cliché elements aside (the Eiffel Tower print on the Alice + Olivia shirt and the Christian Louboutin booties that are emblazoned with the word “Paris”), we actually don’t mind the print-clash on this outfit. We’ll definitely swap the bag though.

Shop the Christian Louboutin boots in black suede here.


Not a fan of the mini pom-pom beret, but the double mini-bag trend? We stan.


The dress is cute. The bag? Not so much.


An advice for Emily? Switch the floral skirt and the beret to something more pared-down, and let the Off-White floral puffer jacket shine. Less is more.

Shop the Off-White puffer jacket in black here.


The get-up will look much better with a sleek ankle-strap heels in white. Agree?

Shop the Dorateymur boots in black here.


We’re not mad at this ensemble, but the colour-coordinating is excessive.

Shop the Chanel tweed flap bag here.


While the OL silhouette is nothing to scream about, the Flower Rice Bag print on this Kenzo dress (that’s inspired from Peruvian culture) gives it an added interest.

Shop a similar dress from Kenzo here.


A prime example of how Emily ruins a promising outfit with a bad accessory choice—a hot pink thigh-high socks worn with pumps in the same shade!

Shop the Chiara Ferragni denim skirt in light pink here.


The matchy-matchy fringes on her skirt and bag is a fashion victim move.

Shop the Lacoste satin jacket here.

The bad


Just when we thought she looks cute in this get-up, she added a fuchsia bucket hat and lavender hued boots to the mix. Sorry Emily, better luck next time.

Shop the Kangol Tropic Bin bucket hat here.