Take a look at every piece from the Coach x Selena Gomez collection


By Wei Yeen Loh

Take a look at every piece from the Coach x Selena Gomez collection

If you were a fan of the Coach Selena Grace bag and accessories that were unveiled last fall, brace yourselves (and your wallets) for the latest Coach x Selena Gomez collection—the first ever ready-to-wear lineup designed exclusively by the pop star herself in collaboration with Coach’s creative director, Stuart Vevers.

What you can expect from the Coach x Selena Gomez collection is an array of ready-to-wear, bags, small leather goods, and accessories—designed to reflect the star’s playful yet feminine sense of style, teemed with a dash of sporty elegance. Little details that we love include an empowering personal quote scrawled in Gomez’s handwriting along with the cutest bunny motif sported on knits and handbags. If you love anything pastel, girly yet sporty, take your pick from lace-finished silk slips that can be paired with fur-trimmed leather jackets, to comfy sweaters in retro-inspired hues. Worth mentioning are two new bag silhouettes, the Bond and the Trail Bag, that were designed by Gomez and Vevers.

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“In today’s world and especially in my generation—and I feel like any major artist would say this—you don’t need makeup, it is just fun, you don’t need particular clothes to be cool, you don’t need to do anything but be you. And I feel like I felt those outside pressures my whole life,” says Gomez. “So it is important for me to always create some sort of detail where there is just a little kindness on their bag. Where they can pick up and it will read ‘Not perfect, Always Me’ because perfection doesn’t exist and people fight for it and that can be dangerous.”


Feast your eyes on the full collection here:

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The Coach x Selena Gomez collection drops in stores this September.

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