#BuroTurnsTwo: Onboard the Buro Double Decker for a ride about town

All aboard!


By Su Fen Tan

#BuroTurnsTwo: Onboard the Buro Double Decker for a ride about town

First things first, taking attendance for the day. Joining us on this little field trip are of course our Friends of Buro and the resident cool kids of the social media sphere, including the likes of Jane Chuck, Ashley Lau, Daphne Charice, Brian See, Kittie Yiyi, Cherrie Liong, Bella Kuan, Vanessa Tevi, Lynn Lim, and many more. Once everyone was gathered at The St. Regis KL, it was time to set off on the Buro Double Decker for an exciting day out.


It was the perfect weather for a field trip. The sky was just slightly overcast as we gathered in the afternoon, but as we went on the roads, the clouds soon made way for the sun to come shining through—a cheery indication for what’s about to come our way. It’s not a field trip without snacks. Sitting on each seat in the bus was a takeout box, packed with sweets and treats from Foodpark by Parkson for the ride. In between conversations, laughter, and plenty of photos taken with the city of KL as backdrop, we arrived at our destination for the day: Pavilion KL. 

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Our first pitstop was the Coach flagship at Pavilion Elite. Besides getting to browse through and try on the latest Pre-Fall collection, guests were in for a sweet surprise—a sundae station was set up near the entrance. Ice cream on a sunny afternoon? Yes please! Coffee was also on the agenda, and the personalities got to customise their very own Coach leather cup sleeve. On top of all that, a little friendly #OOTD competition was underway too—the best shot gets to take home a prize at the end of the day. 

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Time sure flies by when you’re having fun. It was soon time to move on to our next pitstop, the Dior beauty boutique. Here, swatches and mini makeovers were abound as the pampering continues with a shopping spree courtesy of Dior. Just outside, a motion-digital game booth was set up, where guests can play an adorable catch-the-lipsticks game and take a GIF-style photo—which is the basis for the social media contest at this station. 

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Last but not least, our final activity and pitstop of the day: the exclusive Buro pop-up café situated within the Beauty Hall on level 7. The day might have been filled with fun, but there’s always room for dessert. After a couple of hours full of excitement, guests settled down for a blissful high tea session of delectable macarons, cakes and tartlets. Desserts aside, Pavilion curated an exclusive beauty menu with a variety of pampering sessions from the brands at the Beauty Hall for our guests to experience in their own time. Ending the afternoon on a high note, a little award ceremony for the social media competitions was in order—Kittie Yiyi took home the Coach prize for her flawless OOTD, while models Rubini Sambanthan and Shan Ratnam showed us how a couple GIF is done with their entry to take top spot in the Dior giveaway.

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After the high-spirited afternoon, we made our way back to The St. Regis KL in the Buro Double Decker, bade our lovely companions for the day farewell, and thus conclude the Buro field trip. Soon to come: a #BuroTurnsTwo party to remember. Stay tuned!


PS: NTV7’s Chic! season 2, hosted by Lynn, was also onboard to catch the highlights of our Buro field trip! Catch our event on TV on Friday, 25 August at 9.30pm.


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