Buro Tries: Pink

Tickled pink


By Joan Kong

Buro Tries: Pink

Gwen Ong, Deputy Editor

I’m generally “allergic” to pink. Yes, it’s a thing ok—at least in my universe. I can count the number of pink items I own with one hand, ok maybe two. My wardrobe is pretty muted, made up of monochromatic pieces with a few subtle prints at most. But, I do appreciate a dash of colour to my otherwise monotone garb for a statement look. While I will never consider millennial pink as an option, it’s a shade that’s dominating the scene right now, thus lending it its Girl Power influence. I like how this Bottega Veneta clutch paired against my all-black outfit. It’s playful and fun yet classy with just the right amount of bubblegum hue for me. Subtle statement is what I’m after.  


Joan Kong, Senior Fashion Writer

For someone who’s always dressed in black and white (and whose style is anything but sweet), it may come as a surprise when I say that my favourite colour is actually—you guessed it—pink, though I prefer to rock it in subtler ways, such as a phone cover or a mini sling bag for just that pop of colour. This Emporio Armani navy-pink cardigan is definitely not the easiest colour combo (or piece) to pull off. I steered clear from the preppy librarian route by layering it nonchalantly over my (usual) all-black ensemble, and sealed the look with my favourite shades at the moment. It deserves to be worn again just by its comfort factor alone.


Rachel Au, Senior Lifestyle Writer

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Despite not publicly proclaiming I love the colour, my closet somehow consists of a lot of pink: shoes, bags, tops, skirts, you name it. Personally, it’s the easiest way to add a pop of colour to my outfit. Wear all black with a single pink clutch and statement accessories. Wear a pink collared shirt with jeans and it works for almost any occasion. These girly yet eye-catching heels from Gucci are no different and they easily found their way into my heart. And since it’s such a light and sweet shade, there’s no harm in matching it with more pink à la the said pink shirt and blue jeans.


Alyssa Lee, Writer

Okay, I’ll come clean. I picked the sunnies because it was a cop out of actually wearing a pink outfit. But of course, “higher forces” wouldn’t let me off so easily. I pulled off the bag and lo and behold, frames the size of Jupiter and rhinestones the size of its moons. Trying them on elicited giggles and a few Elton John jokes. Well, joke’s on them—I really liked my Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses! Translucent acetate frames meant two things: 1) A pink that was easier pull off—it seemed to gel perfectly with the dressy silver top I had on and the rugged denim jacket I later added to the look. 2) Its sheer shade became notably less apparent when worn; in fact, it made my face appear slimmer. Similarly, the colour actually cast a rosy tint upon my bare, sleep-deprived face and the dazzling embellishment added a sparkle to my eyes. Pink isn’t so bad after all; maybe I’ll start wearing it on Wednesdays.



Location: Pan & Tamper @ Solaris Dutamas



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