BURO Spotlights: An intimate styling session with Alia Bastamam at Gamuda Cove

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By Benedict Unang

Photo by Teddy Chern
BURO Spotlights: An intimate styling session with Alia Bastamam at Gamuda Cove

Warmer, humid weather is anticipated in the months to come, but that’s no reason to let fashion take a back seat, as one could still put together a stylish yet comfy look despite the heat. To beat the hot weather in style, team BURO recently teamed up with Alia Bastamam to host a styling session at the Gamuda Cove Experience Gallery. 

The intimate ‘Stylish Sanctuary’ session kicked off with Editor-in-Chief Sarah Hani Jamil giving a brief welcome speech to thank guests before the brilliant Alia Bastamam and Shahrezzan Ezani, Alia Bastamam’s Head of Branding and Marketing, took the floor to introduce new-season designs and colourways, and how to style them. For the uninformed, Alia Bastamam is a local eponymous label that excels in made-to-measure pieces from its atelier and bridal lines.

On this occasion, the fashion house highlighted its latest resort collection, where each piece embodies grace and courage with a hint of allure. The adoption of pastel hues with a tinge of neon and bright pink lends the collection an air of femininity, strength, and sensuality. Each ensemble gets more refined by retro eyewear and vibrant beaded bags from local designer Kesya Fatin.

To sweeten the experience, attendees were served champagne from Drinks Alliance and alcohol-free sparkling wine from French Bloom. The canapés were equally flavourful, thanks to Chef Dominic and his crew from Dominic’s restaurant. On top of that, all the guests received a Winter Greens Duo set by Farmacy Beauty from Sephora Malaysia and goodies from Gamuda Cove, which include a tote bag and a notebook.

Following the styling session, guests were given the opportunity to check out the latest developments at Gamuda Cove, notably The Waterlily at Wetlands Estates. The contemporary hideaway is the first waterfront bungalow in Gamuda Cove, sitting next to the lush green of the wetlands along with a natural forest park. With plenty of spaces to explore and discover, these dwellings are the doors to peace and serenity. Browse the gallery below to view some of the highlights from The Waterlily, Wetlands Estates.



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