#BuroSocial: What went down at our first ever social networking event

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By Wei Yeen Loh

#BuroSocial: What went down at our first ever social networking event

When it comes to sharing insightful conversations with the like-minded, there isn’t a setting quite like an intimate, after-work networking session to get the ball rolling in the right direction. With the idea of converging heavyweights across various industries to glean different perspectives, we debuted our first ever #BuroSocial—a social networking event featuring 30 movers and shakers from across the board to partake in a night of mingling. 

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Hosted by our editor-in-chief Cai Mei Khoo at Common Ground workspace in Damansara Heights, the evening started out with a casual session of hobnobbing. Business cards and pleasantries were exchanged, and friends of friends were introduced—all while having a sip or two of beer (courtesy of Heineken) and bubbly alongside canapés. The highlight of the night was a series of talks by our keynote speakers who also took part in our #BuroAList campaign series: Entrepreneur and co-founder of Common Ground Roen Cian, fashion designer Tengku Syahmi, and entrepreneur and co-founder of Pestle & Mortar Hugh Koh. After the crowd settled in comfortably, deputy editor Gwen Ong kickstarted the talk with our first speaker the night, Roen Cian, who shared his thoughts on consumer culture and the art of successfully juggling multiple ventures at one go.

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Next up, senior fashion writer Joan Kong engaged Tengku Syahmi in a conversation on how the local fashion industry can make a change for the better (especially when it comes to sustainability) along with his sources of inspiration. The last speaker of the night, Hugh Koh, doled out his two cents on the future of Malaysia’s streetwear scene and what local brands can offer to international labels when it comes to collaborations—mediated by Cai Mei. Thereafter, guests stayed on till the very end, rubbing shoulders while finding common ground with new and old associates alike.

Watch the highlights of the evening here:


Don’t forget to watch first Facebook Live session held at #BuroSocial here.

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