The best celebrity swimwear snaps this summer


By Joan Kong

The best celebrity swimwear snaps this summer

With record-breaking heatwave happening across the globe, summer is officially upon us. And the A-listers’ way to combat the heat? By going on jealousy-inducing beach holidays and throwing OTT poolside parties, of course. A scroll through Instagram and you’ll notice their trips to different parts of the world this month, from St. Tropez to Maldives, and if it’s not on social media, did it happen really? Needless to say, the stars are making major style statements while they’re there. We can always count on them to take on any season of the year fashionably, and this year, they definitely didn’t disappoint. If you’re looking for trendy style ideas, we’ve spotted six biggest swimwear trends—inspired by 20 It-girls—for your next vacay, or simply, just to lounge at the pool.

Below are snaps of all your favourite stars in their choice of swimwear this summer:

Itsy-bitsy bikinis

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While itsy-bitsy bikinis are not exactly our favourite of the lot, judging from its celebrity following, the swimwear is here to stay. The barely-there bikini top and bottom are a risqué pick, but we get it: if you got it, flaunt it right? Bella Hadid‘s high-waisted bottom pick and Emily Ratajkowski‘s lace-up piece are two of the most statement-making looks on the list.


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We’ve already highlighted the one-piece swimwear trend earlier, and these celebs definitely proved our point. The classic silhouette has been seen in a whole new light, thanks to the trendy updates they’ve been given. The cut-outs on the side of the torso add that bit of interest to Nicole Scherzinger‘s plain white piece, while the belt serves as a stylish addition to Ashley Graham‘s pretty-in-pastel look

Bold and beautiful

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Take a style cue from these celebrities if you’d like to amp up your poolside look. A mesh dress to layer over your plain bikini à la Shay Mitchell (with a matching bag, no less); chunky chain jewellery (we love the chain belt!) à la Kylie Jenner; and rocking the same-print head-to-toe à la Gabrielle Union. Want something different? Priyanka Chopra‘s embellished gloves (yes you read that right) will raise eyebrows in a good way.

Bright light

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An easy way to turn up the heat? Show up in bright and vibrant hues. As seen on Miley Cyrus and Olivia Culpo, red proved to be a popular choice this year, but Dakota Fanning‘s neon pick is the one to take note of.

The classics

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When in doubt, stick to the classics. These celebs showed us that pared down silhouettes and colours can look equally trendy, too. Selena Gomez‘s Baywatch-inspired swimsuit and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley‘s square neck bikini top are both on our to-buy list next.

Trending now

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You can count on the celebrities to incorporate this season’s biggest fashion trends into their summer-ready ensembles. From Alessandra Ambrosio‘s seashell details and Sofia Richie‘s tie-dye bikini, to Khloe Kardashian and Demi Lovato‘s loud leopard print, we’ve spotted them all.

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