Anya Hindmarch introduces fun new scents to its candle collection

Everyday scents made fun


By Su Fen Tan

Anya Hindmarch introduces fun new scents to its candle collection

Anya Hindmarch continues to delight with her candle line inspired by scents that evoke happy memories. Last year, we were introduced to the luscious trio of Sun Lotion, Baby Powder and Coffee. This time around, the designer continues to recreate the everyday with her signature playful touch for her new releases—enter Lip Balm, Washing Powder and Toothpaste.

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Bringing to mind first kisses and teenage romance, Lip Balm fills the senses with notes of dark cherry, plum, night-blooming Egyptian jasmine, rose, French vanilla and musk—youthful, lush and fruity. Inspired by the smell of sun-dried laundry, Washing Powder combines notes of Calone, violet leaf, cucumber, watermelon rind, pine needles, hyacinth and honeysuckle for a fresh, ozonic floral scent. Then there’s Toothpaste, a herbal fragrance not unlike freshly brushed teeth, tingling with spearmint, French peppermint, Australian grapefruit rind and candy floss accord. 

Anya Hindmarch Smells is now available at the Anya Hindmarch flagship store in Pavilion KL. 

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