7 Style lessons according to North West


By Stephanie Boey

7 Style lessons according to North West

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s 6-year old daughter North West is proving to be a budding fashionista, with her eclectic sense of style. The oldest of the Kardashian-West clan is very expressive with her fashion choices, mixing different prints and textures for a completely original ensemble. With über-famous parents with larger than life personalities, one would think that her outfits have been pre-planned by Mr. and Mrs. West, but that’s not the case. Kim Kardashian has confirmed this on Instagram saying, “I didn’t think my daughter’s love for my clothes and jewellery would happen so soon. I’ll literally be working and come home to find North dressed up in all my things.”

North West has yet to open her own Instagram account, but you can follow her style closely on her mother’s active profile. Kim praises North’s creativity saying, “My Northie girl is the ultimate fashionista! She comes with me to fabric stores and picks out what she likes, and for our Japan trip I let her style herself. I should have let her style me too lol.” In all honesty, we concur. The young Miss West has an evident talent and eye for fashion, even at the tender age of 6 (she’ll be turning 7 this June). We’ll be the first to admit that we adults can learn a few tips from her.

Below, some of her most recent #OOTDs and key takeaways so you can steal her style tricks:

Tip 1: Clashing is key

North West likes to mix aesthetics and textures. Here, she paired a sweet and demure pink peasant blouse with a floral printed miniskirt and appliqué stockings topped off with feather-embellished sandals. The finishing touch: futuristic wide frame sunnies and space buns.


Tip 2: An all-black ensemble calls for a twist

The young fashionista does not settle for regular track pants, and dons a pair with side-striped lace. She spins the atheisure trend on its head with a pair of black feathered pumps (her new signature?) and a black denim jacket. So fresh!

Tip 3: Life is short, don’t be afraid to stand out

Tie dye is having a moment and she’s in it to win it. As if the rainbow-hued shirt wasn’t head turning enough, she paired the statement t-shirt with hot pink trousers, a diamante handbag and drumroll please…mismatched feathered shoes.


Tip 4: If you must mix and match, do it with a bang

This hot summer season is the perfect time to don some bright neons. Continuing her feather theme, her highlighter yellow pumps were paired with striking canary feathers sewn into the sleeves of her tie-dye shirt.

Tip 5: Let your statement frames do the talking

North West chose to clash her pastel ensemble with what appears to be her favourite pair feathered slip ons and colour-blocked frames for an unexpected twist.


Tip 6: Get creative and find other uses for your hair accessories

Tying your oversized shirt in a knot? Ya basic. Do it like Northie with a fluffy scrunchie.

Tip 7: When in doubt, layer up

North West puts a modern spin to a 1920’s beaded flapper dress by layering it over a zippered sweater, complete with black combat boots for a fresh, new take.

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