Paris Fashion Week SS17: Day 5 Street Style

Paris Fashion Week SS17: Day 5 Street Style

Are your shoulders cold?

Image: IMAxTree

PFW Day 5: An exposé on the mystery of the cold shoulder

You know how folks like to sleep with a blanket snuggly wrapped around their entire body save for a foot peeking out from the edge? Well, maybe the cold shoulder trend is fashion's equivalent.

We're not talking about clothes intentionally cut for décolletage flaunting but there are garments with shoulder seams intact and perfectly attached sleeves that also eagerly embrace the trend.

The benefit of the doubt would argue that temperamental climate renders the proper use of sleeves too cumbersome. When the weather fluctuates between warm and chilly several times in the span of half an hour, why bother with putting on a jacket the proper way? Coats slung over the shoulders provide a shield from frosty winds and keep pesky perspiration at bay while those worn with arms in sleeves but tugged down to reveal just a single shoulder create the same 'foot-outside-the-blanket effect'—the perfect balance of warmth and cooling bliss.

All jest aside, styling tricks like outerwear worn slightly off-kilter is truly the essence of street style. As important as the design poured into a garment, the way a wearer imparts individual style into it is what makes fashion a universal language.

Browse through the gallery below for street style stars that nail the 'foot-outside-the-blanket' look.


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