Paris Fashion Week SS17: Day 1 Street Style

Paris Fashion Week SS17: Day 1 Street Style

Easily suede

Image: IMAxTree

The dawn of the final installment of fashion week is upon us. It’s time for a French masterclass on styles of the street.

The opening chapter of our Parisian street style manual is one on mastering the elusive cool. A story on the leather jacket is a simple narrative. The moto style has always stood as an emblem of badassery from the moment it notoriously graced the shoulders of the iconic bad boy, Marlon Brando and has been adopted by every cool cat in town ever since.


Befitting the French attitude of nonchalant aloofness, the leather jacket lends a shield of edginess that is highly coveted according to the unspoken laws of fashion. After so many years of being in vogue, the quintessential jacket has gone through its fair share of reinvention. Be it ruffled, oversized, coloured, or classic, this is a wardrobe staple that only gets better with wear.


Take a few cues from these street style stalwarts and pick yourself up a healthy dose of je ne sais quoi.

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