Style ID: 12 of our favourite looks by Seo A-Ri in Netflix’s ‘Celebrity’

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Style ID: 12 of our favourite looks by Seo A-Ri in Netflix’s ‘Celebrity’

If you’ve always been curious as to what goes behind the scenes in the life of a social media influencer, ‘Celebrity‘ on Netflix will be able to answer some of your burning questions. Currently sitting at the No. 2 spot for the most-watched TV shows in Malaysia on the video streaming platform, the juicy and dramatic K-drama shines a light on the dark side of being a top influencer, including the fascinating details behind a low or high following, on getting sponsorships, and the need to keep up with appearances. All in all, being an influencer truly sounds like a tough job!

For those who’ve yet to watch the show, you’re in for a wild ride. It’s fierce, shocking, not to mention filled with stylish moments by the main character Seo A-Ri (played by 29-year-old Park Gyu Young) you can take inspiration from. Prepare yourselves for a drama of endless plot twists and head-turning outfits that’ll have your eyes glued to the screen.

While we won’t give any more spoilers, we can, however, share some of the details of A-Ri’s fabulous wardrobe. Presenting 12 of our favourite looks worn in the show and where to cop similar-looking pieces for yourself.



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Episode 1: #Get_Famous

Seo A-Ri opens the drama by spilling the tea behind her sudden rise to fame and the secrets behind the glossy lives of e-celebrities. In the intriguing opener, she wears a killer pink deep V-neck dress by Alexander McQueen.


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At the 35-minute mark, A-Ri flaunts an ultra-feminine allure in a yellow Saint Laurent tweed blazer dress that captures the eye of the male lead, Han Jun-Kyung, played by CNBLUE’s Kang Min-Hyuk.


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Episode 3: #Likes

The beautiful A-Ri flirts with the idea of being an influencer, despite her underprivileged background and has a makeover moment in a really cute sequin-embroidered sheath dress paired with a Peter Pan-collared top.


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Episode 4: #Lets_Connect

Episode four is filled with many fashionable scenes as the brand-new influencer quickly increases her Instagram following. Case in point—the gorgeous gradient, V-neck dress by Alexander McQueen she wears during a livestream.


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Yet another gorgeous Alexander McQueen moment appears as A-Ri changes into this black V-neck dress with multiple zippers.


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Keeping up with the very trendy Barbiecore aesthetic, the lead actress wears a bow-slit mini dress by Area, playing up her feminine appeal.


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Showing how the Little Black Dress always transcends fashion trends, A-Ri wears a playful mini Courrèges number, pairing it with the ultra-cute Prada Nylon shoulder bag in pink, no less.


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Ever thought of wearing a metallic lime-coloured dress? Here, A-Ri shows how you can pull off an eye-catching colour while keeping it sophisticated by layering a neutral tone, such as black, underneath.


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In a quick change of scene, the main character holds up more trendy pieces to try on, such as a versatile white sleeveless crop top and a whimsical Chanel vanity case in purple.


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Episode 7: #What_A_HotMess, #Turn_The_Tables

After a brief hiatus from her online profile, A-Ri makes a real-life comeback by attending the Balmain runway show in the brand’s chic military-inspired jacket and metallic silver skirt, much to the surprise of her haters.


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Episode 8: #Hierarchy, #The_World_We_Live_In

As A-Ri ascends to the top of the social media hierarchy and her followers hit the million mark, her ‘fits get even better, like this delightful sculptural dress with pleated detail by Alexander McQueen, paired with a contrasting black leather belt with silver grommets.



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And finally, the last look on our list (possibly our favourite of all) is this all-blue ensemble, giving major girl boss vibes as the influencer kick-starts her fashion brand. The versatile light blue cotton shirt by Miu Miu is an investment piece that can be paired with anything in your collection.


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