Steal attention this Lunar New Year with these stunning accessories

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By Sarah Hani Jamil

Steal attention this Lunar New Year with these stunning accessories

As the Lunar New Year approaches in just a few days, it’s highly likely that you have all your outfits planned for the festivities. But if you’re looking to give your ensemble that final touch of refinement, consider embracing the festive spirit of renewal by accessorising with captivating pieces that embody the vibrancy of the season. Whether it’s sparkling gemstones or intricate designs, these stunning picks from homegrown jewellers are guaranteed to make a lasting impression. Prepare to radiate elegance as you welcome the Chinese New Year in style with our carefully curated selection of essential pieces.



Beyond the grandeur of reunion dinners, the mesmerising lion dances, and the joyous lou sang, the Chinese New Year brings forth a cherished symbol: the ang pao, or red packet. This iconic item finds its timeless embodiment in the Wanderlust + Co Red Packet Gold Necklace, serving as the ultimate talisman for inviting good fortune into your life. Far from ordinary, this necklace encapsulates the essence of tradition with a modern twist. Its beautifully crafted envelope pendant allows for a whimsical touch—the packet can be opened to reveal a meaningful blessing inside, stating “lucky.” This unique feature transforms the piece into more than just jewellery; it becomes a daily reminder that luck is a mindset to be embraced.

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Nature, or rather a fruit, has inspired Yukimoto’s Lunar New Year—Hulu. Taking its name from the graceful gourd, known as hulu in Mandarin, Yukimoto’s latest collection captures the essence of the Lunar New Year with unparalleled elegance. Each piece features premium rock crystals adorned with lapis lazuli and cinnabar, infusing sophistication into the festivities.

From an enchanting necklace to intricately beaded bracelets and versatile crossbody chains, these accessories are distinguished by their unique “squash” beads. Evoking the spirit of joy and celebration in traditional Chinese culture, the Mandarin character xi (囍) is meticulously hand-carved into three-dimensional sterling silver, symbolising happiness, good fortune, and the jubilant essence of the season.

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Embrace the auspiciousness of red this festive season with Gung Jewellery’s stunning Ruby Radiance Necklace, a perfect piece for everyday wear. Carefully crafted to enhance your presence, this necklace features a blend of rich red hues alongside other semi-precious stones, meticulously selected to complement your beauty. Designed with high-quality materials and plated with 18K gold, this piece not only symbolises prosperity but also adds an irresistible allure to any outfit. Plus, its waterproof and non-tarnish properties ensure you can wear it confidently, whether you’re engaging in sports or simply taking a shower.

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Immerse yourself in the enduring charm of Suen Jewelers’ oblong brown jade ring. Crafted with detail to mesmerise, this stunning piece showcases a harmonious fusion of 18k rose gold and radiant brown jade, emanating elegance with every look. Enhanced with an intricate arrangement of baguette, marquise, and round brilliant diamonds, it seamlessly blends the natural allure of jade with the everlasting brilliance of diamonds. Versatile enough to accompany you from day to evening, this distinctive ring effortlessly elevates any outfit with its refined opulence.

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The allure of jade endures to this day, captivating admirers with its rich hue and symbolic significance in Chinese imperial history. Revered as a symbol of prestige and power, jade holds a prominent place in Chinese culture, adorning jewellery and luxurious ornaments. For a touch of opulence this Lunar New Year, allow us to introduce the Imperial Jadeite Fan earrings by Amee Phillips, a fusion of bold design and impeccable artistry. Each earring, crafted into a delicate fan shape, showcases the mastery of jadeite carving, resulting in a true masterpiece of elegance.

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