Where to donate your clothes in the Klang Valley

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By Low Sue Mae

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Where to donate your clothes in the Klang Valley

If you’re doing a bit of spring cleaning or have a big wardrobe with very little that you actually wear, here’s a way for you to do something meaningful with your gently-loved clothes. Donate your used garments to those in need so that they will be passed down to new owners who will appreciate them just like you did.

Like thrift shopping, donating clothes is a great way to practice sustainability in fashion as it reduces clothing wastage, which is a significant contributor to the pollution of the environment. A good deed that helps both people and the planet, donating is definitely an activity we all should start being proactive about. Nonetheless, it is essential to ensure that the clothes you’re donating are in good condition, as they will directly be given to those in need. If you’re ready to start donating now, here are some locations within the Klang Valley where you can make a meaningful impact.


1Recycling Centre by 1 Utama

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 This sustainable initiative was launched by 1 Utama Shopping Centre to spread awareness of the zero-waste culture. Spot the recycling booths at Level B2, where you can make quick drop-offs of your items, as well as the Art-Cycling Installation that’s created with recycled materials from the mall. Other than clothing, this spot also welcomes e-waste like mobile phones, along with plastics, aluminium, paper, bags, toys and lanyards.

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Community Recycle for Charity (CRC)

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These familiar yellow bins can be seen in a lot of neighbourhoods, so you would’ve definitely come across one by now. If you have one of these near you, this is a pretty convenient way to donate regularly. Clothes or even pre-loved furniture will be distributed to charity homes, giving your belongings directly to those in need.

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Kloth Cares

With an aim to reduce clothing waste in landfills, Kloth Cares collects donated garments and redistributes them to bundle shops and charities. This organisation also carries out various green initiatives, such as collecting and recycling loose plastic bottles, along with hosting upcycling events and kick-starting green movements to encourage fellow Malaysians to be more environmentally conscious when it comes to fashion. Find a Kloth Cares bin near you here.

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Here’s why you should consider dropping your clothes off at Bless Shop—with five outlets around KL and PJ, the organisation uses money collected from your donated clothes to create a better future for youth in need. The funds go towards providing meals and educational materials to young Myanmar refugees, distributed among 12 refugee children learning centres across Klang Valley. A part of the money will also be spent to help with the operational costs for the Kenosis and Rainbow drug rehabilitation centres. 

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The Salvation Army Malaysia

At The Salvation Army, all the donated clothes will be collected, processed and sold at Family Thrift Stores located nationwide, with the generated profits being used to fund social service programs and community projects. To encourage and make it easier for people to donate, if you’re too busy to drop by its donation points, you can schedule a pick-up with them instead.

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