BURO Spotlights: Inside Asia’s first Coach boutique concept store

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By Sarah Hani Jamil

BURO Spotlights: Inside Asia’s first Coach boutique concept store

Today, retail therapy is more than just going shopping at the mall. In a post-pandemic world, customers are seeking unique and tailored experiences that evolve with their purchasing habits and are indulgent, fun and worthwhile. In fact, according to MoodMedia, 84 per cent of consumers are more likely to stay and return for a great customer experience—much like the new Coach Play Singapore Shophouse that recently opened its doors at 5, Keong Saik Road in our neighbouring country.

The first of its kind in Asia, Coach Play is unlike any other Coach store you may have entered in most major shopping centres worldwide. The pinkified store offers an immersive experience that embodies the brand’s New York legacy, juxtaposed with Singapore’s rich cultural heritage. Featuring a vibrant, all-pink exterior that you won’t miss as you drive down the road—that’s mostly known for its local eats, cool bars and trendy restaurants—the shop catches your eye with its traditional architecture and design elements.


The Coach Play Singapore Shophouse


Walk inside and you’ll be greeted by a pink Coach logo wall and a large digital screen, offering endless photo opportunities. However, the store’s Instagram-worthy aesthetic does not stop there. The Shophouse is divided into six rooms, each with a unique theme curated to explore the House’s rich legacy of craftsmanship since 1941.

On the ground floor, you’ll find the colourful Coach Lounge, which spotlights the label’s new leather goods like the Coach Tabby that you can shop on the spot. The second floor sees the Vintage Room, which showcases archival and vintage pieces for purchase. Here, you can also reimagine and customise your items through Coach Create, a unique customisation experience. The adjacent room is the Coach Station, designed after the iconic New York City subway. This room features a curated selection of ready-to-wear from the brand’s latest collection.

The top floor features Coach World, a cinema-like room offering an immersive digital art experience that tells the story of the House’s heritage of craft, boldly reimagined for the next generation. The same floor also holds an open event space for intimate gatherings and community discussions.

The final room that you must not miss (and is most likely the reason you return) is the first-ever Coach Café, offering artisanal coffee and classic New York City-inspired bites crafted in collaboration with local coffee artisans Brawn & Brains. Aside from the incredibly photo-worthy interior, the menu is also worth a rave. Featuring exclusive items inspired by American classics with a hint of local charm, you’re guaranteed to enjoy its offerings such as the Classic Pancakes with maple syrup, homemade kaya and mixed berries jam, as well as the Gula Melaka Milkshake and more.

Store opening hours: Monday to Sunday from 10am to 10pm

Café opening hours: Monday to Sunday (Closed on Wednesdays)


Below, see photos from the star-studded launch graced by celebrities and friends of Coach, such as Korean actor Lee Soo-hyuk and Thai star Yongsin Wongpanitnont (Yorch), alongside local Singaporean and Malaysian celebrities including Lawrence Wong, Carrie Wong, Glenn Yong, Iman Fandi, Jane Chuck, May Ho, Hakken, Eyka Farhana and more.



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