Selfridges on track to having world’s largest accessories hall

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By Buro247

Selfridges on track to having world’s largest accessories hall

The famed English department store has officially unveiled the second phase of its accessories hall and it’s quite the sight to behold. Floor-to-ceiling windows wrap around a whopping 17,760-square-foot space, which hosts Selfridges latest expansion and their plans to build the largest accessories hall in the world by 2018. On completion, the three-phase revamp will span 60,000 square feet, making up one-third of Selfridges’ ground floor.



Through those 20-foot-high windows, one would spy fashion’s finest luxury goods in beautifully sectioned nooks for top brands like Chanel, Céline and Saint Laurent, alongside a luxury accessories bazaar at the centre of the room. Each brand brings its own signature aesthetic to the space—Gucci’s decked in cherry red velvet and Persian rugs while Loewe features a gallery-like environment designed by Jonathan Anderson. 

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Anchoring the new expansion are the Louis Vuitton concept space—currently featuring a painterly Jeff Koons collaboration—and a bright white Dior shop-in-shop. Another hard-to-miss highlight, the Selfridges Corner Shop—modelled after a London neighbourhood sundry store—peddles more than 450 products ranging from Erdem dishtowels to a special edition Selfridges Monopoly game. 

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