Reiterated classics: Prada’s nylon Vela bags



By Joan Kong

Reiterated classics: Prada’s nylon Vela bags

The Prada Vela bags have been a favourite since Miuccia Prada first introduced the line of nylon backpacks—which was almost unheard of—back in 1984, and it’s not hard to fathom why. For a—in layman’s terms—plain black nylon sack, there’s something about the functional (and durable) waterproof material that has that bit of an upper hand over the rest of the delicate luxury handbags. Decorated only with its metallic triangular logo, the sporty and utilitarian pieces were given a refresh over the years, and this round, the new-and-improved carriers feature new hues and modern shapes. Aside from its signature black, new colours such as green and maroon help to uplift the collection, and bum bags in a variety of sizes have also been introduced. The bum bag will be street style’s bag du jour very soon.


Scroll through to see some of its latest designs:

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From today onwards until the 26th of November, Prada will be presenting a special pop-up installation featuring its Vela bags at pavilion KL. 

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