Katy Perry brings fun and glamour to H&M's Holiday 2015

Katy Perry brings fun and glamour to H&M's Holiday 2015

An infectious spirit

Text: Wei Yeen Loh

Here's what you get when you combine Katy Perry and Christmas in an H&M ad

Talk about a fitting persona that embodies the colourful spirit of a festive season—Katy Perry is the star in H&M's Holiday 2015 commercial, where she morphes from a fairy into an unbelievable cast of characters. With her new song "Every Day is a Holiday" as the musical backdrop, the fast-paced commercial features Katy conjuring to life-sized gingerbread men, oversized presents and giant teddy bears. You'll find Katy decked in looks from the Holiday collection, including lipstick-red dresses, tuxedos with open sleeves, and the quintessential Christmas jumper. 

This holiday season, H&M will be supporting the children in Myanmar with specially-designed gift cards. For each card bought this holiday season, the H&M Conscious Foundation will donate 5% of the price to UNICEF, which will go to providing quality education for vulnerable children in Myanmar. Through the gift card campaign, UNICEF and the H&M Conscious Foundation aim to directly reach more than 350,000 children with quality primary and lower secondary school education in the Rakhine State.


Here are our favourites from the collection:

H&M Holiday collection is available in stores worldwide now.

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