Top trends from London Fashion Week Men’s Autumn/Winter 2017

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By Buro247

Top trends from London Fashion Week Men’s Autumn/Winter 2017

Now that the London Fashion Week Men’s AW17 shows have wrapped up (and as we hop on over to Milan), we combed through the runways to see what’s about to come. See the hottest trends to expect and to wear in 2017: 


Purple reign

LFW Men's 2017 purple

After seeing the colour purple dominating the runways, we would like to think that designers at Xander Zhou, Miharayasuhiro and Katie Eary were paying homage to the late Prince. Either way, the luxurious hue is a major trend for Fall 2017, and it’s no surprise why. Lending a punk vibe and a royal touch at the same time, rich wine tones are the perfect colour to inject into your winter wardrobe.


Neon pops

LFW Men's 2017 neon

With the explosion of fluorescent colours taking over the AW17 runways, we now know that sombre hues for the colder months are a thing of the past. From nylon cycle tops at Christopher Shannon, quilted tracksuits at Topman Design and graphic hoodies at Liam Hodges, it’s clear that the bright ’80s trend is back in a big way (and highly visible to boot). There’s nothing like bright colours to spread a little cheer in the drear of winter.


XL sleeves

LFW Men's 2017 sleeves

The overgrown sleeve trend has been walking the women’s shows for a couple of seasons now, so it’s only fair that the boys get it on the fun. As seen on the runways at Agi & Sam, Songzio and J.W. Anderson, amped-up sleeves are not only cosy but are also a great preventative measure for reaching out for an extra croissant at breakfast. Germaphobes may also use them as an excuse to not having to shake someone’s hand (everybody wins). 


Tough and puff

LFW Men's 2017 puffer

To combat the bitter cold, outerwear you can swaddle yourself in isn’t just functional, but is super cool to boot. Our faves include renditions by Miharayasuhiro and Astrid Andersen while Craig Green took it to new levels by not just adding width but length (wearable duvets ftw).


Split personality

LFW Men's 2017 colour block

If you can never decide which colour to buy, we suggest having them both. Designers Alex Mullins, Bobby Abley and Liam Hodges took on the new patchwork: putting together pieces that were split in half. Models are sent down the runway in designs that were done in two-tone colours that contrast yet compliment each other. Looks like mismatched is the perfect match.


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