The time keeper: Ted Baker’s latest timepieces

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The time keeper: Ted Baker’s latest timepieces

Revolving around a sunray dial theme, Ted Baker designs timepieces that exude unconventional creativity. Together with its polished shine that infuses a hint of elegance, the creations serve as the perfect addition to complete any gentleman’s attire.

For the smart casual man

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These timepieces centre on the concept of simplistic beauty, which is reinforced by its red accented second hand and date and date display. For those who appreciate an old school charm, one can opt for a lustrous white dial paired with gold tones and a brown crocodile-leather embossed strap. For a more contemporary feel, the design is also available in black on black or with a navy blue dial complemented by a stainless steel bracelet.

For the fashion-conscious man

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Versatility echoes within this collection with watches that match any casual weekend outfit.  The design is offered in two colour combinations, one comprising a bronze dial with a black leather strap, whereas the other is offered in a black dial and brown leather strap combination. To reflect the colours of the season, green or orange accents highlight the hour and minute hands, thereby injecting a subtle hint of quirkiness within the collection.


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