Lewis Hamilton is Tommy Hilfiger’s new menswear ambassador

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By Joan Kong

Lewis Hamilton is Tommy Hilfiger’s new menswear ambassador

Following the partnership announcement between Tommy Hilfiger and Formula One Mercedes-AMG, the American label has announced the new ambassador for its men’s collections, and it’s none other than Lewis Hamilton. The British race car driver will be the face of its menswear line that includes Hilfiger Collection, Tommy Hilfiger Tailored and Tommy Hilfiger men’s, underwear and swimwear starting this Spring 2018. Seeing how the brand is aiming to keep the brand fresh and relevant to the millennial market, this move is no doubt a strategic one for both brands, especially to drive the growth of its men’s business by tapping into the generation Z.


Lewis Hamilton has recently made his appearance at Tommy Hilfiger’s latest show (its last with Gigi Hadid) during Milan Fashion Week, where there were special activations featuring the Mercedes-AMG race cars at the centre of its show space. “I believe in the power of fashion and innovation to celebrate individuality and break conventions, like Tommy Hilfiger. Tommy’s designs inspire me to be bold in every outfit that I put together outside of the racing track, expressing my creativity and eclectic style with confidence. His groundbreaking TommyNow experiential events are one-of-a-kind, and I’m very excited to partner with such visionary brand.”

Tommy Hilfiger and Lewis Hamilton

The feeling is definitely mutual, as Tommy Hilfiger says, “I have always admired Lewis’ incredible endurance during the race, as well as his unique style off the track, which speak to the new generation of Tommy Guys. He has built his incredible career as a racing driver with passion, dedication and extremely hard work—values that I embraced when founding my brand. We have a history with Formula One, and this partnership builds on our heritage of collaborations within the world of motorsport.” 


Known for his eye-catching streetwear style on his days off, Lewis Hamilton also spoke about his love for fashion in an interview with the brand:

1. Where does your love of fashion come from?

Growing up, all my family’s money went into racing, buying tires and fuel, so fashion is something I was quite oblivious to. I started exploring fashion in my early 20s, and I’ve grown to feel more confident about experimenting with different styles, and just being myself. I’m fortunate to have friends who work in the fashion industry, and I’m constantly fascinated by their creativity.

2. What connection do you see between sport and fashion?

Fashion is like racing, it never sleeps. In Formula One, fashion is not something teams and racing drivers necessarily focus on, but I’m obsessed with style. I always make sure to look classy in my race suit.

3. What are five fashion essentials you cannot live without?

Everyone should have a well-tailored suit. Wear it with a freshly pressed shirt and a great watch, and you can’t go wrong. A pair of well-fitted jeans is always a wardrobe essential. When I’m at home, I’m very casual and love to relax in tracksuits. I don’t like to dress like everyone else so I pick bright colours and patterns, adding my personal twist to the outfit.

4. Do you have any style icon?

I love how Pharrell Williams sticks to his style and doesn’t follow the crowd. He’s so bold in everything that he wears and he doesn’t care what other people think.

5. What’s your go-to fashion advice?

Whatever you chose to wear, do it with confidence!

6. How would you describe your style?

My style is always evolving, that’s what’s great about fashion. I’m always seeing new designs that push the boundaries, and think “I’d love to wear that.” I don’t like wearing the same as everyone else, and love to mix street-styles with high-end luxury brands.

7. What is your fashion advice to the male consumer?

Why wear the same as everyone else? Fashion is about experimenting. Men should be confident about trying out new things. Do whatever suits your personality and your emotions, and take the time to find your style. Don’t try to be someone else. That’s all that matters.

8. Describe one of your personal fashion faux-pas.

When I go through photos of me growing up, I sometimes wonder “What was I thinking?” I can’t believe I used to wear baggy jeans. 

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