Spill the Splurge: Nana Law on fashion investments and her best luxury vintage finds

Spill the Splurge: Nana Law on fashion investments and her best luxury vintage finds

Worth the splurge

Text: Joan Kong

The fashion It-girl shows us some of her favourite bags at the moment, and the story behind them

What makes a great fashion investment piece? For one, it has to be able to withstand trends and time, and when it comes to bags, it’s no different. In conjunction with our ‘investment’ theme this month, we spoke to one of our local fashion it-girls, Nana Law, who lets us in on her luxury shopping experience—in particular, her tips on how to score vintage finds, and what to look out for while you’re at it.


Watch the video below:


Hi Nana! How are you?
I’m good! I’ve been staying at home—drinking my coffee right now. Hope you guys are staying safe as well.

How would you describe your style?
As you can see, very minimalistic. I like monochrome; I like very simple and classic pieces. I’m a little sporty as well. Athleisure, as they call it!


Tell us about your favourite luxury vintage piece.
So recently, before the lockdown I visited Hokkaido for snowboarding and I also went for some light shopping. I stumbled upon this vintage shop and I got this really good deal—a Chanel bag. Guess how much is it? It costs less than RM5k. I really like the material, but when I got this the canvas part was a little dirty, so I actually bought it and brought it back to restore it properly. So now it looks brand new.

My second bag is from this online store—Fendi Baguette bag. I don’t think this is vintage-vintage. It’s a brand new bag which they consigned at the store as well. This is nice too—I like small bags.


Can you tell us the name of the store?
This shop called 2nd Street Trading, if I’m not wrong. They have an outlet in Malaysia. When I posted pictures of this bag, a lot of people asked me about it. And when I replied them with the name of the shop they actually said that there’s an outlet in Subang—maybe you guys should check it out.


Do you have any other vintage stores to recommend?
I really like this online retail shop called @deluxe_life. It’s an online shop that specialises in authentic vintage bags. A lot of vintage items you wouldn’t know whether it’s authentic or not because there might be a missing card, a missing dustbag, or more. This online shop is really trustable, so you guys can check it out—they have really cute bags over there.


How did you find out about these shops?
I was looking for a vintage Dior Saddle bag. Last year, Dior Saddle bag was a hit and I couldn’t get it in-store. I knew it was inspired by a vintage collection so I tried to find it and I stumbled upon this shop.


What are some of your tips on vintage-shopping?
You should look out for the code. In Japan, they are very trustworthy, so there’s a specific code for each bag. But there are different certifications or authentication codes for every brand. For Chanel, it’s a code; for Louis Vuitton, it’s a serial number with a matching card, and a few other things you should look out for too. I feel, for Malaysia, maybe it’s hard to tell—just look for someone who is trustworthy, and ask around if any of your friends have purchased from them before.


What’s your best designer purchase so far?
Chanel mini flap bag! I really like the size—you can wear it in different ways. I got it from the retail shop. It’s quite hard to get because it’s always out of stock.


Do you remember your very first designer item?
A Gucci tote bag with a pink leather strap. I’m not sure if you guys remember that collection—it’s very classic. I’m not sure if they still have it in stores.


What should people know before they splurge on a luxury piece?
Spill the Splurge: Nana Law on fashion investments and her best luxury vintage finds (фото 1) Buy designs that you like
Spill the Splurge: Nana Law on fashion investments and her best luxury vintage finds (фото 2) Don't blindly follow trends
Spill the Splurge: Nana Law on fashion investments and her best luxury vintage finds (фото 3) Invest in one-of-a-kind designs if you already own the classic pieces


If you had to choose: vintage or retail?
If you were to buy a Chanel bag—I think a lot of people are reselling this online but their condition might not be as new. But if you come across one that’s in a fairly ok condition—the price might be more expensive or very similar to a brand new bag in the Chanel store—maybe you can consider buying it because you wouldn’t be able to get it from the stores as they’re so limited. But if it’s something very accessible in the retail store I would suggest you to just save up and buy from the retail shop. Why don’t just get a brand new one?

How do you determine if a bag is worth the investment?
If you’re buying it for your own usage, anything that you like is a good investment.