Learn 3 new ways to style your hijab with Nadia Norzuhdy

Wrap star

Text: Stephanie Boey

Video: Octopost Studio
Image: Instagram

Let hijabista Nadia Norzuhdy clue you in on three new ways to don your hijab.

Catch sight of Nadia Norzuhdy on the street and you'll definitely take notice of her impeccable fashion sense and unique hijab style. The fashionable hijabista is often spotted in printed cotton wraps fashioned in her signature headscarf style: an oversized turban bow. This unique style even has a nickname of its own —the Turbow— patent pending (just kidding!).

We caught up with the stylish star to get a first-hand tutorial on how she dons her signature look as well as two of her other favourites she often resonates to. The wrapped styles look incredibly complicated but you'll be surprised to know they take just under a minute each, from start to finish.