Paris Fashion Week SS17: Day 3 Street Style

"Puffy Shirt"


By Buro247

Paris Fashion Week SS17: Day 3 Street Style

A major leap back in time lands us in the ornate frills of the Rococo period. Reflective of the newfound freedom succeeding the Thirty-Year War, fashions of the era began to embrace frivolity as apostasy from the religious rigor of the Baroque. The taste for ornamentation manifested in elaborate costumes where frills and ruffles abound.

As much as the references elicit notions of feminine frou-frou, the undershirt and decorative pinnings of past menswear articles actually draw more worthy comparison in this case. Now commonly recognized as the ‘poet’s shirt’—the white shirt with the ruffled sleeves and collar, ala Jack Sparrow—the iconic garment has established its place as a fashion favourite; hence, spawning numerous renditions throughout the years.

Sharing a serendipitous connection with the increasingly elaborate ‘more-is-more’ adage of the moment, here is a compilation of street style looks that reminisce Rococo in a modern world.  

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