Milan Fashion Week SS17: Day 1 Street Style

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By Buro247

Milan Fashion Week SS17: Day 1 Street Style

Milan or as the New York Times dubbed it, Micheleville, has brought us the fanciest first day of fashion week yet. It could be attributed to the contagious Italian zest for life, but the more likely explanation would be the Michele touch.

Seeing as the roster for day one in Milan had the combination of Alessandro Michele at Gucci, Peter Dundas at Roberto Cavalli and Fausto Puglisi at well, Fausto Puglisi; it was a day where neither restraint nor rules applied. All kings of expression and extravagance in their own right, it is no wonder that their ethos for excess would spill over onto their audience.

Showgoers trickled in, donning whimsical getups ready for a dive down the rabbit hole. The frenzy of elaborate embroidery, fancy frocks and playful prints lifted moods in a jiffy. If anything, this is a reminder to always keep the fun in fashion.

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