Fashion Insider: Designers Tati and Farah of Hani Mokhta on bringing brilliant hues and prints to their Raya collection

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By Benedict Unang

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Fashion Insider: Designers Tati and Farah of Hani Mokhta on bringing brilliant hues and prints to their Raya collection

As with every passing year, the array of Baju Raya collections seems as abundant as ever, offering a plethora of options to suit various styles and preferences. Amidst this vibrant tapestry of choices, one brand shines with its distinctive blend of vivid prints, cosy designs and versatile pieces that extend beyond the festive season—Hani Mokhta.

Established in 2017 by the Mokhta sisters, Tati and Farah, Hani Mokhta first made its mark in the local fashion scene with its non-conventional bridal wear boutique in the heart of Mont Kiara. However, the brand embarked on a new chapter just last year, relocating to the charming neighbourhood of Bukit Damansara and expanding its offerings to include not only bridal attire but also stylish, ready-to-wear ensembles.

In this instalment of Fashion Insider, we sit down with the siblings to delve into their latest Raya collection, ‘Primadonna’. Ahead, we uncover the creative spark behind their designs, their favourite pieces and glean valuable insights into the journey of launching a fashion label. 



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What was your first memory of fashion?

Tati: “Since we grew up playing tennis, it was only natural for our dad to dress us in athletic wear—imagine all of our Nike, Adidas and Fila outfits! But as we got older, our parents began accepting the reality that we had our tastes and let us buy the clothes we wanted.”


How did you get started as a fashion designer, and what inspired you to launch Hani Mokhta?

T: “Both of us have always been in the industry, but the turning point came when I was getting married. At the time, I wanted an unconventional wedding dress but couldn’t find one, so that kind of inspired me to start Hani Mokhta. Leveraging our background and expertise, we took the leap in 2017, and Hani Mokhta was established with a focus on bridal wear. When Covid hit, it sent ripples through the wedding scene, leaving us with little choice but to pivot to ready-to-wear apparel. That was the biggest risk we took, but it was worth it, and we’re glad our communities are accepting the new course.”


Who have been some of your role models or inspirations, and why?

Farah: “Much of our inspiration comes from our inner circle, including our team members. For us, it’s always about celebrating women, and it’s wonderful to watch the different ways these ladies live their lives and how confidence comes in different forms for each of them. Some people see fashion as a tool, and we mirror what they think through our colour choices and garment designs.”



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Can you tell us more about your Raya collection?

T: “We have been working on ‘Primadonna’ since September of last year, and we knew we wanted to stick to our love of the maximalist style, but this round, we wanted to experiment with more striking colours and patterns. Our inspiration springs from the graceful women we encountered in Bali, in particular those in their ’60s and ’70s, adorned in Kebaya attire as they casually stroll through the market. Seeing this scenario prompted us to pay homage to the influential ladies within our community. When discussing leading ladies, we’re not limiting it to corporate figures or celebrities, but also those who possess the resilience to acknowledge their ability to shine in their everyday lives, regardless of their daily pursuits.”


What is your favourite piece from the collection, and how will you style it?

T: “My favourite piece is the Eden Kebaya set and I can see myself pairing it with chunky earrings!”

F: “I would don the Flores Mini Kebaya set and accessorise the look with a stylish clutch.”


Are there any tips you would like to share on how to look stylish for Raya?

T: “The definition of looking and feeling great for Raya can differ from woman to woman. It’s important to recognise what works best for your body and style. Discover what brings you the most joy and what will help you stand out because statement earrings and a pair of mid-heels do the trick for me.”

F: “Dress in what boosts your confidence and makes you feel confident enough to say ‘I look good’ for the day.”



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What is the biggest lesson that you have learned since you started Hani Mokhta?

T: “The biggest takeaway is to scale your business according to the local market. It’s crucial to understand how your brand can prosper locally and paying attention to small details are critical for moving forward.” 

F: “Building a business needs a great deal of patience and mental power. I also believe that working as part of a team is essential in reaching what you want.”


What advice would you give someone who wants to start their own label?

T: “Our journey has been shaped by our early experiences—immersing ourselves in the industry and building relationships. Having engaged with both international and local brands, I’ve come to understand the unique perspective each brings and this exposure is instrumental in understanding the nuances of running a fashion business. Plus, it’s crucial to know your goals and identify what message you want to convey—own your narrative and artistic vision and remain committed to it.”

F: “I believe it’s important to gain experience across all sectors of the industry. Focusing solely on one area without exploring others can be limiting, as the industry encompasses more than just designing clothes—it involves various supporting elements that are equally significant.”


What hopes do you have for the brand in the years to come?

T: “Having embarked on some travels last year, the thought of reaching an international platform to expand our colourful brand feels like an exciting dream, and I hope it will become a reality someday.”

F: “I aspire to work with local Batik artisans and craft beautiful Batik designs. I would love to explore Batik in our distinct style and make it accessible to our community.”


What is your dream collaboration?

T: “Perhaps we should partner with an athleisure brand to create fun tennis outfits, as an homage to our childhood and our father, who frequently styled us in athleisure attire in the past!”


What would you be if you were not a fashion designer?

T: “That’s a tough question because I’m not entirely sure what else I would want to be! [laughs] But I think I would remain within the industry, possibly pursuing roles in a production house or creative branding field.”

F: “I would become a pilot because I enjoy travelling and flying in different aircraft.”


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