BURO Impact Awards 2023: Get to know our Trendsetter of the Year, Nazreem Musa

BURO Impact Awards 2023: Get to know our Trendsetter of the Year, Nazreem Musa

Fashion first!


By Sarah Hani Jamil

In the dynamic landscape of Malaysian fashion, one name stands out as a figure of style and unapologetic self-expression—Nazreem Musa. As a successful entrepreneur, content creator and a notable personality in the country’s social scene, Nazreem has redefined the meaning of style, blending femininity and masculinity in the way he presents himself—a testament to his belief in the fluidity of fashion. This versatility has made him a standout figure at events, both within Malaysia and on the international stage. This is why, alongside fashion designer Kit Woo, we’ve awarded him as our Trendsetter of the Year.


Nazreem wears: Black blazer, Versace. Shirt, Zalora. Tie, Stylist’s own.


Basic instinct

Hailing from Kuala Lumpur, Nazreem’s path into the world of fashion began in his teens, shaped by the influence of his mother, Datuk Maziah Musa. The matriarch’s elite sense of style and love for fashion became the cornerstone for Nazreem and his sister, actress Ummi Nazeera. For Nazreem, fashion is more than just clothing; it’s a family legacy and a source of inspiration passed down through generations. In fact, his most prized possession is a black onyx ring that has been given to him by his late grandfather. 

As an inherently introverted individual, fashion serves as a powerful medium for Nazreem to articulate his emotions. He says, “How it is able to bring the best version of someone, how it makes me feel, and how it is always ever-changing but keeps coming back in circles is what excites me.”


Nazreem wears: Pinstripe suit, Moschino. Accessories, Talent’s own. Shoes, Clarks.


Making big moves

Nazreem’s fashion journey is deeply rooted in his experiences. He draws inspiration from the lively streets of Tokyo and the timeless elegance of Paris. People-watching, exploring museums, and immersing himself in the unique atmospheres of these cities during his travels with his tight-knit family fuel his creativity. “All my winter adventures with my mum and spending weeks in Europe hunting for special pieces are my favourite fashion memories,” he shares.

The young fashionista’s philosophy is evident in his approach to style—he takes risks, embraces change, and finds his true self through experimentation. “Like I always tell others, you’ll never reach your full potential if you don’t take risks, be it in fashion or even life,” he expresses. 

One of the notable risks Nazreem undertook was the launch of his own multi-label brand store, Musa Boutique & Cafe, introducing cult brands to Malaysia in 2010 at the tender age of 21. Although the outlet has since closed its doors, the entrepreneur expresses gratitude for the invaluable experience gained in the world of fashion at such a young age.

His wardrobe is a canvas, and each piece tells a story of self-discovery. While Nazreem refuses to be confined to a single style or designer, he says, “I feel most like myself when I’m dripped in Rick Owens, Ann Demeulemeester or Saint Laurent. I definitely do play around with a lot of looks and designs. But you can say wearing those designers is when I truly feel a hundred per cent me.”


Nazreem wears: Blazer, Versace. Shirt, Zalora. Tie, Stylist’s own.


Balancing act

Being both an entrepreneur—Nazreem is the Managing Director of Pointray Sdn Bhd—and a prominent figure in the social scene requires a delicate balance. He achieves this by maintaining a well-organised schedule and by “not saying yes to every invitation that comes my way and choosing to keep my priorities straight,” he explains, revealing the key to managing a thriving business and vibrant social life.

Standing tall at 183cm, Nazreem has also dipped his feet into the world of modelling. His journey as a model unfolded at Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week, where he strutted the runway for esteemed designers such as Alia Bastamam, Mimpikita, and Atelier Fitton, yet again showcasing Nazreem’s versatility and his ability to seamlessly transition from the corporate realm to the glamorous world of fashion.


Nazreem wears: Pinstripe suit, Moschino. Accessories, Talent’s own. 


The future of (Malaysian) fashion

As Nazreem continues to make waves, he envisions a future where Malaysian traditional wear takes centre stage in the global fashion arena. Expressing a desire for more creative interpretations of traditional attire, he hopes to see designers delve deeper into Malaysian culture. “We have too many European or Westernised collections being shown. I love our Malaysian heritage. I wish that there are designers out there who are willing to explore deeply into making our traditional wear more current and creative—without jeopardising the roots, of course!” he urges.

His journey inspires not only the fashion enthusiasts of today but also the aspiring individuals searching for their identity in the realm of style and self-expression. “Growing up, I didn’t find anyone like me. So I hope one day, the little boys and girls who are looking for their identity, especially in terms of fashion, they could look at me and say, ‘You know what? Nazreem Musa did it like this,’” he reflects.



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