Brad Pitt returns to Chanel alongside Penelope Cruz in ‘The Chanel Iconic Handbag’ campaign

Brad Pitt returns to Chanel alongside Penelope Cruz in ‘The Chanel Iconic Handbag’ campaign

A date night in Deauville


By Sarah Hani Jamil

First premiered at Paris Fashion Week AW24 earlier this March, the appearance of Hollywood’s leading man, Brad Pitt, in a fashion film alongside Chanel brand ambassador Penelope Cruz ignited a wave of excitement. This marked a significant moment, as it had been 12 years since Pitt’s collaboration with the esteemed French Maison, notably starring in the Chanel No.5 campaign back in 2012.

The newly unveiled film portrays the duo as a couple in Deauville, the picturesque seaside town with deep connections to Coco Chanel. It was there where she first opened her hat boutique in 1912 and unveiled her inaugural Haute Couture collection.

Shot by the renowned duo Inez and Vinoodh, the fashion film pays homage to Claude Lelouch’s timeless 1966 masterpiece, A Man and a Woman, starring French actors Anouk Aimée and Jean-Louis Trintignant. The original cinematic feature chronicles the romantic journey of two widowed individuals who serendipitously meet at their children’s boarding school, their lives intertwined amidst the complexities of their past.


Because their budget was constrained, the director had only three weeks to shoot the film. To cut costs, interior scenes were filmed in black and white, while exterior shots retained their vibrant colours. Notably, Aimée wore her own clothes and accessories, including her cherished Chanel bag.

Fast forward to today, with the Maison’s deep-rooted connection to cinema and creative director Virginie Viard‘s personal affinity for the film, the decision to pay homage to this cinematic masterpiece was deeply resonant. Viard sought to recreate pivotal moments from the film, capturing its essence shot by shot.

Central to the narrative is the iconic 11.12 classic bag, prominently placed between Cruz and Pitt at a hotel restaurant table. As Cruz’s hand discreetly tightens around the bag, we see the unmistakable modern yet timeless allure of the iconic Chanel accessory. Watch the full video below:



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