The best of Raya 2019 #1: Alia Bastamam, Bernard Chandran, Innai Red and Khoon Hooi


By Joan Kong

The best of Raya 2019 #1: Alia Bastamam, Bernard Chandran, Innai Red and Khoon Hooi

One of the most fun parts about preparing for the festive season? Shopping for new clothes, of course. And if you’re still looking for that perfect Raya ensembles or don’t know where to start, our first (of two) shopping guides are here to help you out. Check out what our local fashion brands Alia Bastamam, Bernard Chandran, Innai Red and Khoon Hooi have in store for us this year.


Alia Bastamam

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Inspired by the night and its wildflowers, Alia Bastamam’s Raya 2019 collection, aptly named Wildflowers to Stars. The brand’s signature sleek silhouettes were given that amp-me-up in the form of Cherry Blossom and Wisteria prints, embellishment and intricate pleated details, but a fabric, in particular, caught our attention. The liquid satin is a fabric that’s been incorporated into her line for the first time, and it radiates a luxe vibe that’ll make you a standout during this year’s celebration. That being said, the looks are designed for all women in mind. In a statement released by the brand, the designer says, “I created a collection that begins subtly and as the collection progresses, so do the designs. I understand my clientele because I have days when I have to dress simply and other days when I want to be a little more extravagant—and I hope that is what this collection offers.”


Shop the Alia Bastamam Raya 2019 collection at the Alia Bastamam showroom at Damansara Heights, and at selected ShoesShoesShoes stores for a limited time only.


Bernard Chandran

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“She’s flashy but stylish”—these four words sum up Bernard Chandran’s Raya 2019 collection. This year, the designer was all about “challenging the norm and not conform to the conventional while giving the classic silhouettes a breath of fresh air”, so if you’re looking for something more than the traditional, look no further. Case in point: The classic Baju Pesak was reimageind with a shorter top, accompanied by eye-catching details from poofy shoulders and oversized bows to OTT embellishment. All 38 looks were introduced in a contrast of prints and colours—whether it’s three bold hues in one get-up, or an unexpected combination à la fish and stripes for Raya, Bernard Chandran definitely showed us the best way to push the boundaries this Raya.


Shop the Bernard Chandran collection at Bernard Chandran’s Fahrenheit 88 store.


Innai Red

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Instead of focusing on modernity, Innai Red looked to the beauty of the Peranakan glamour for its Raya 2019 line, and the campaign images featuring Fyza Kadir and Azira Shafinaz captured just that. The array of traditional attire in the collection—Kebaya, Kebarung, Kurung Labuh and Kurung Kedah—were all given an “Innai Red touch” such as cleaner lines, feminine drapes and scallop hems, and skirts are introduced in a shorter hem to flaunt your new shoes. Clothing-aside, this year, the brand has also collaborated with local bag label, LVWKL on a bag that’ll complement your Raya ensemble. Dubbed the Bijou bag, the structured satin pieces comes with an acrylic base and a chain-link handle, complete with a clasp that radiates a hint of retro feel.


Shop the Innai Red Raya 2019 collection at the Innai Red boutique at Plaza Damas.


Khoon Hooi

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Khoon Hooi’s Raya line this year was designed as an extension to his Havana Nights themed Spring 2019 collection. Traditional silhouettes were complemented with embellishment in the form of fruits (watermelon, lemon and pineapple are our favourites) and palm trees that’ll undoubtedly add that cute factor to the otherwise plain ensemble. The 17-piece collection comprises of a mix of materials such as the brand’s signature taffeta, lace and different brocades in a bright colour palette. In particular, look 1’s Baju Kedah (with an asymmetrical wrap skirt with tassels), the lace Kebaya in look 4 (love the billowy sleeves!) and look 5 (that comes with a shorter hem) are some of the standout ensembles in the collection.


Shop Khoon Hooi’s Raya 2019 collection at the Khoon Hooi showroom at APW Bangsar.

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