New York Fashion Week AW18: Highlights of Day 3

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By Su Fen Tan

New York Fashion Week AW18: Highlights of Day 3


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Who: Penang-born Han Chong established Self-Portrait in 2013, and has since gained a formidable clientele that includes the likes of Alessandra Ambrosio, Michelle Obama and the Duchess of Cambridge.

Where: The set was kept bare and minimal, with a wooden overhang that cast soft geometric shadows on the runway.

What: With versatility and layering in mind, fans of the brand will find plenty of outerwear and dresses, including some that can be worn back to front.

The Low-down: It was probably the first time outerwear featured so heavily on Self-Portrait’s runway, with coats in plaid and checked prints as well as knit jackets worn off the shoulder. “It’s about mixing all these different elements: the tough and soft, the androgynous and the feminine,” said Chong. Keyholes and leather accents punctuate the collection an edge, balanced with feminine silhouettes, crochet lace and flowing satin.

Buro Loves: We’d gladly pack those overcoats with leather accents and wrap belts for our next winter holiday.


Christian Siriano 

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Who: Christian Siriano celebrates his eponymous label’s 10th anniversary with a whopping 72 looks and an inclusive (as always) lineup of models.

Where: The milestone show took place in New York City’s Grand Lodge, set against a grand background of red carpet and drapes.

What: Not one to dial down on drama, Siriano did what he does best by concocting a collection that celebrates beauty and glamour in bold textures and extravagant volumes.

The Low-down: When we say drama, we mean it; think lush crimson faux-fur coats paired with matching belts and thigh-high boots, crystal-studded velvet dresses, metallic jacquard pant suits cut in sultry silhouettes, and a pretty series of embellished navy frocks. Siriano aptly closed the show with a grand finale of theatrical ball gowns and statement minis doused in frothy layers and high-wattage ruffles. 

Buro Loves: A relatively simple concept that worked beautifully, the micro crystals that don the black velvet gowns glitter like stars against a midnight sky.


Alexander Wang

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Who: This will be Alexander Wang’s last show as part of the traditional fashion week schedule. Moving forward, the designer will showcase his new collections in June and December.

Where: The 21st floor of Condé Nast’s old headquarters, 4 Times Square, served as the show location, with the sign “AWG: Serving the Industry Since 2004” in the backdrop and makeshift cubicles on both sides of the runway. 

What: As the set suggests, the Alexander Wang girl means business this season.

The Low-down: Power dressing, #WangInc style, comes in tailored jackets, blazer dresses with starburst zippers, hot pink tweeds, crystal-embellished stockings, and Matrix shades. The mini, form-fitting silhouettes then gave way to more relaxed shapes with button-downs and track suits, before closing the show with a series of (plusher) jackets and asymmetric dresses for the boardroom rebel.

Buro Loves: The shades with “CEO” emblazoned in silver on the temple fit for a #BossGirl (and the Matrix fans in us, just saying). 

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