MFW SS16: Moschino

Warning: too much fun ahead


By Buro247

MFW SS16: Moschino

It is evident when a designer enjoys what they do. Their work is an extension of their passion, their enthusiasm and joy. The kind of uninhibited joy that puppies exude: untainted by responsibility, sorrow or disappointment. Jeremy Scott’s version of kitsch couture may seem unwearable to the pedestrian fashion enthusiast but what it unfailingly serves is a huge dose of fun. Despite the caution tape motifs and high-vis safety colours used on Moschino’s S/S’16 runway, the only danger the audience were faced with was the possibility of too much of a damn good time. Hard hats, traffic cones, tool boxes and safety signs were translated into hats and bags. And after the happy mess of construction, in came the cleaning crew armed with spray-bottle clutches and fringed dresses resembling the bristles and brushes typically seen in drive-through car washes. If having fun is a crime, then we’ll happily plead guilty.

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