Chanel Cruise 2024/25: A sunlit invitation to revel in summer’s splendour

Chanel Cruise 2024/25: A sunlit invitation to revel in summer’s splendour

Let’s go to the beach-each, let’s go get a wave


By Jolin Lee

Marseille is a city that puts me in touch with my emotions. I tried to capture its power of attraction, its breath of fresh air, and to convey the energy that reigns there. And you couldn’t ask for a better backdrop to a runway show than the Cité radieuse.”


Virginie Viard unveiled Chanel’s Cruise 2024/25 Collection against the stunning backdrop of Marseille, a port city nestled along the Mediterranean coast of France. This picturesque setting served as the ideal canvas for Chanel‘s latest Cruise collection, which felt like a homage to the effortless elegance of a modern metropolitan woman enjoying a seaside escape. Brimming with vitality and whimsy, the collection featured charming child-like embroideries, gently softened silhouettes, and luxurious, lightweight fabrics. Notably, pieces like crochet cardigans and diving hoods adorned with press studs boldly signalled Chanel’s departure from its conventional styles.

Presented at Marseille’s Centre d’art de la Cité, known as MAMO, Virginie Viard’s curated collection seamlessly blends underwater dreams with the golden glimmers of the Mediterranean.


“The sun, architecture, music and dance: Marseille also has a very strong sense of freedom. I was inspired by the codes of lifestyle, of everyday life and by all the things that invite movement. The sea and the wind made me want to play with wetsuits.”

Featuring meticulously embroidered garments, glistening sequined jackets, and refined swimwear, the collection captures the essence of maritime charm and coastal elegance. It’s a perfect fusion of coastal chic and metropolitan flair, all of the above seamlessly melded into iconic summer ensembles. Chanel’s preferred choice of footwear includes flats and terry towelling flip-flops with platform soles.

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